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Justin's New Album 'Justice' Is All About His Love For Hailey

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After dropping Changes for Valentine's Day in February 2020, Justin Bieber has returned with his sixth studio album, Justice. Immediately after listening to the record, fans were amazed to hear so many lyrics about Hailey Baldwin on Justin Bieber's Justice. Almost every song seems to be about her and fans are swooning.

Ever since the couple got married in September 2018, Baldwin has been a huge inspiration behind Bieber's music. When he released Changes, the singer admitted his album is entirely about her. Considering the whole record is about finding love, it was no surprise Bieber thought about his wife during the songwriting process. In October 2019, Baldwin also appeared in Bieber and Dan + Shay's "10,000 Hours" music video, proving she's always his muse.

On Feb. 26, Bieber announced his Justice album and revealed he was inspired by his experience during the coronavirus pandemic. "In creating this album my goal is to make music that will provide comfort, to make songs that people can relate to and connect to so they feel less alone," Bieber explained on Instagram. Since the star has spent all of quarantine with his wife, a few lyrics about her were expected.

If you're a fan of the couple, here are all the lyrics about Baldwin on Bieber's Justice that will make you love their relationship even more.

"2 Much"

Right from the start, Bieber lets his love for Baldwin known on "2 Much," which is about loving someone so much you don't want to be apart from them. "Cause eternity with you ain't long enough/ Two seconds without you's like two months/ And that's too much," Bieber sings on the track.

"Deserve You"

Meanwhile, "Deserve You" is about finding someone who loves you just as you are. They're so perfect you think you don't deserve them. "I feel like I don't deserve you tonight/ It's in the way that you hold me/ I don't deserve you tonight/ It's in the things that you show me/ I need you, don't let me go," Bieber sings.

"As I Am"

Bieber echoes the same message on "As I Am," during which he sings about a lover who's by his side no matter what: "Sometimes, I don't know why you love me/ Sometimes, I don't know why you care/ Take me with the good and the ugly/ Say, 'I'm not goin' anywhere.'"


In "Holy," Bieber admits he couldn't wait to marry Baldwin. "Runnin' to the altar like a track star/ Can't wait another second/ 'Cause the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me/ Feels so holy," he sings in the chorus.


Bieber confirmed this one is about his wife. "One of the tracks on the album is called ‘Unstable,’ and for me, it’s a really emotional song because I was in a really, really bad place maybe a year ago. Fortunately my wife was just there for me through it all and so the whole message of the song is ‘You loved me when I was unstable,'" Bieber told The Sun.

Bieber says in the song, "Sometimes I think I overthink/And I start to feel anxiety/ There were times I couldn't even breathe/ But you never once abandoned me."

"Die For You"

"Die You You" is about exactly what it sounds like: Bieber saying he'd do anything for Baldwin: "You know I would die for you/ The rest of my life for you."


In "Somebody," Bieber gushes about finally finding the person he's meant to be with. "Every time I wake up next to you I talk to God/ And I’m so damn grateful, ’cause you make up for all the things I’m not," Bieber sings.


Bieber vows to spend his life with Baldwin on "Peaches," during which he sings, "There's nothing like your touch/ It’s the way you lift me up/ Yeah, and I'll be right here with you 'til the end of time."

"Love You Different"

In "Love You Different," Bieber promises to remind his partner how special they are every day, especially with the line, "Don't like makin' promises/ Just remember this/ I will love you different/ Just the way you arе."

"Loved By You"

"Loved By You" is about thinking life is too good to be true with that other person. "When I'm with you, I feel like it's a daydream/ That's how I know that you would always be my baby," Bieber sings.


In "Anyone," Bieber says Baldwin is the only person he'll ever love and his biggest fear is losing her. "Looking back on my life, you're the only good I've ever done/ Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone," he sings on the track.

Justice is so romantic, and if you haven't heard it already, check it out below.