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Justin Bieber's New Album's Title Is A Genius Play On His Name

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Justin Bieber is getting ready for his new era. On Friday, Feb. 26, he revealed on Instagram he's dropping his sixth studio album, Justice, in a matter of weeks. The record will arrive just a year after he released Changes in February 2020. Judging by his post explaining the inspiration behind his new songs, Justice will be his most vulnerable project yet. If you're excited for the release, you should know all of Justin Bieber's Justice album details because they give a preview of what to expect.

These days, a lot of artists like Nick Jonas, BTS, and TXT have been inspired to deliver their most personal music yet by their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. They've touched on topics like loneliness and isolation, and now, Bieber is joining the conversation. Justice is meant to bring hope to listeners who may be struggling. "In creating this album my goal is to make music that will provide comfort, to make songs that people can relate to and connect to so they feel less alone," Bieber said in a Feb. 26 Instagram post. "Music is a great way of reminding each other that we aren’t alone. Music can be a way to relate to one another and connect with one another."

Bieber added that while he can't "solve injustice by making music," he'll do his best to make even the smallest impact on other people's lives. "I do know that if we all do our part by using our gifts to serve this planet and each other that we are that much closer to being united. This is me doing a small part. My part. I want to continue the conversation of what justice looks like so we can continue to heal," he explained.

Justice — which is a play on his name Justin — will drop in March (Bieber's birthday month), so here's everything you need to know about it.

Justin Bieber's Justice Release Date

Fans won't have to wait long to hear Justice because it drops on Friday, March 19. If you want to be one of the first to listen to it, you can pre-order both the physical and digital album starting today. There will be four different physical versions, so make sure to save up to get them all! (One includes the standard picture and the other three include different-colored versions of the alternate cover.)

Justin Bieber's Justice Cover Art

To go along with his album announcement on Instagram, Bieber shared Justice's official cover art showing him crouching down in the middle of a tunnel. His serious facial expression and the image's overall mysterious vibe tease the album's raw, vulnerable sound.

You can also check out the alternative covers below.


Justin Bieber's Justice Tracklist

Bieber hasn't unveiled the album's full tracklist yet, but according to Rolling Stone, Justice will include his previously-released singles like "Holy" ft. Chance the Rapper, "Lonely" ft. Benny Blanco, and "Anyone," which he dropped on Jan. 1. The songs deal with various aspects of his life, including feeling pressure under the spotlight, being criticized for his past mistakes, and falling in love with his wife Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber's Justice Music Videos

The only music videos Bieber has shared so far as part of his Justice era are for "Holy," "Lonely," and "Anyone," which you can watch below.

Justin Bieber's Justice Merch

If you want to show your support for Bieber, snag some of his Justice merch from his official website!

Get ready, because this Bieber era looks like it's going to be amazing!