Justin Dropped The Ultimate Love Song About Hailey & The Lyrics Will Make You Swoon

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After debuting a brand new single during his virtual New Year's Eve concert, Justin Bieber officially gifted Beliebers "Anyone" on the first day of 2021. Unsurprisingly, the song — which Bieber said "sets the tone for a brighter new year full of hope and possibility" — was all about his relationship to his wife, Hailey. If you thought "Holy" was romantic, the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s "Anyone" focus on how "forever is not enough time" to be by her side.

From "Yummy" to "Intentions," many of the "Sorry" chart topper's recent songs have been about the model — and luckily for fans, "Anyone" is no different. On New Year's Day, Bieber dropped the music video for the new track, which shows him as a boxer training for a big match. His love interest, who is portrayed by Zoey Deutch in the video, is by his side while he's training and when he finally wins.

There were also plenty of references to Hailey in the "Anyone" lyrics, specifically about how he couldn't imagine his life without her and how he was afraid of losing her.

He sings, "They say that I won't lose you/But you can't predict the future/So just hold on like you will never let go/But if you ever move on without me/I need to make sure you know," before launching into the chorus.

Addressing Hailey, he continues, "That you are the only one I'll ever love (I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)/Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone (I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)/Looking back on my life you're the only good I've ever done (Ever done)/Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone (Anyone)/Not anyone."

While the pair tied the knot back in September, Bieber admitted he still didn't feel like he had enough time with her.

"Forever is not enough time to (No)/Love you the way that I want (Love you the way that I want)/'Cause every morning I find you/I fear the day that I don't," he sings before launching back into the chorus.

During the fourth episode of his YouTube show Seasons, Bieber revealed that his entire album was inspired by his wife.

"Sometimes I still get nervous with her in the room for some reason. It's weird, I know," Bieber shared. "I don't know, she just makes me nervous because I love her so much and I want her to like my stuff. [My album is] about her, too, so, I'm singing about her — it's a weird thing. But it's awesome."

He also opened up about the marriage giving a sense of much-wanted stability. "Being able to spend my life with someone and know that there's always that person to go back to... and that I get to share every moment with and that I get to share my life with in moments, it just makes it so much more rewarding," he explained during the episode. "Just the idea of stability is something that I really never had growing up and it's something that I've always really wanted."

Just based on these romantic lyrics, I'd bet Hailey gave Justin the seal of approval for "Anyone."