Beliebers Are All Saying 1 Thing After Watching Justin's Heartbreaking New Video

Courtesy of Justin Bieber on YouTube

It's been a pretty exciting year for Justin Bieber. Career-wise, Bieber has not only had multiple, successful songs and collabs, but has also starred in Drake and DJ Khalid's "Popstar" music video that had everyone talking. That's why fans were so excited when Bieber teased his "Lonely" collab with Benny Blanco on Tuesday, Oct. 13. The tweets about Justin Bieber's "Lonely" music video will hit you directly in the feels.

Bieber's smash quarantine hit "Stuck With U" with Ariana Grande dropped on May 8, and was instantly a fan favorite. The duo also released an music video that showed how they, and other celebs, were spending time in quarantine. The song also acted as a coronavirus fundraiser for First Responders Children's Foundation, something everyone could get on board with. On Sept. 24, Bieber debuted a second collab, "Holy," with Chance The Rapper.

Weeks later — alongside a photo that looked remarkably like a young Bieber — the singer announced his latest single, "Lonely," would drop on Friday, Oct. 16. After Bieber shared the announcement, it was widely speculated that actor Jacob Tremblay would play a child version of the "Sorry" singer in the "Lonely" music video.

Tremblay did, in fact, take on the role of Bieber in the heart-wrenching music video that reflected on the singer's past, showing just how lonely life in the spotlight can be, despite having millions of fans. The video and song followed Bieber's journey to stardom while he experienced mental health and dealt with his parent's divorce among other personal issues.

Beliebers were quick to tweet their support for Bieber following the release of the somber song and music video, reminding him they are in his corner.

Even Bieber's own personal tweet about the release of the song was so emotional.

Check out the visuals below and see what everyone is saying about it.

Hopefully Bieber will feel all the love he deserves after this.