Crust Me, You'll Get Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Glamlite's Pizza Palette When You See It

Hello, I'm here today to talk about a very serious topic: the combination of all things good in this world, aka pizza and makeup. My two essentials have become one thanks to the Glamlite pizza eyeshadow palette that's taking over Instagram, and if you dare try to say anything negative about this launch, you'll have myself and an army of other pizza-lovers to answer to. Is it a little cheesy? Yes, but all good pizzas are, so suspend your doubts and give in to the good vibes that this aesthetically pleasing pie presents.

2018 really was the year for Doing The Most, so it's a good thing Glamlite Cosmetics fit the Pizza Palette ($40, launch in before the final month of the year ran out. Really, my makeup vanity was missing a more savory food-themed product — Too Faced has me covered on chocolate bronzers and peachy lip glosses, but what I've been lacking is the tools to create a smoky eye that can properly pay homage to my Italian heritage. OK, maybe this doesn't do exactly that, but I refuse to say anything less than positive about this culinary-meets-cosmetic masterpiece. In a way, it's everything the people have ever wanted and more.

Honestly, I can think of so many uses for this palette. What other eye makeup is more appropriate when getting ready for a night of Netflix and Chilling? What palette makes more sense to use when giving each other makeovers while pulling an all-nighter with the girls? Half my social life revolves around pizza, and it's about time my beauty routine did the same.

I mean, just look at it:

And now, enjoy these pre-sliced swatches:

Here's why I'm prepared to fight about this palette: not only is the theme adorable, but those swatches don't lie. The shadow formulas are seriously pigmented, and it's got a more unique color palette than most of the palettes dropped by major beauty brands this year. There, I said it! "Proscuitto" is the world's most perfect pink! "Jalapenos" would make for a gorgeous olive smoky eye! You best believe I'll be rocking shade "Pineapple" on my lids, despite being disgusted at the thought of pineapple on pizza!

As a wise woman once said:

This palette is no joke, people. It's cruelty-free, allergy-tested, and unlike most real pizzas, vegan. And people are really out here using it to create some beautiful eyeshadow moments! We're serving slices and looks, yes Gawd!

Just peep beauty Youtuber Kay-Lani's glam pizza look. You can find her full video here:

Are you really still not convinced? What if I tell you you're the one with the unpopular opinion? According to the brand's Instagram, the palette is now close to selling out, so pretty soon you'll be the only beauty-lover without a Pizza Palette, and won't you regret missing out on 18 delicious toppings — ahem, shades. I'm not trying to convince you to buy it, I'm simply saying when it sells out, don't expect to come over for a swatch (or a slice!) of mine.