Ginny & Georgia Character Zodiac Signs

There's A 'Ginny & Georgia' Character In Everyone & Your Sign Will Reveal It


If you haven't seen Ginny & Georgia by now, I'm sure you've heard about it once or twice — and for good reason. The new Netflix dramedy centers around a young mother named Georgia, who embarks on an exciting new journey with her teenage daughter, Ginny, and her young son, Austin. They suddenly moved from their home in Houston, Texas to Wellsbury, Massachusetts, because of an, uh... unexpected death in the family, and they're looking for a fresh start. As they develop bonds with some and clash with others, they learn a lot about themselves in the process. The growth each character experiences in Season 1 makes it easy to determine the Ginny and Georgia character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

The show does an amazing job of spreading awareness on real-life issues, tackling topics like unprotected sex, self-harm, and shoplifting. You likely found pieces of yourself (and your sign) in the characters presented throughout the series. The unconventional mother-daughter dynamic between Georgia and Ginny may not be relatable for some, but the qualities of these characters individually coincide perfectly with certain signs of the zodiac. The extroverted nature of Georgia, and the mature, reserved nature of Ginny make for a relatable, down-to-earth story that you'll find yourself resonating with again and again. Whether you're a sensitive empath like Austin, or a chatty, creative socialite like Maxine, this show has something for everyone.

If you want to know the Ginny and Georgia character you are, based on your zodiac sign, have I got a treat for you.


Aries: You're Georgia

Assertive, fiery, and independent, Georgia fits the archetype of an Aries almost too well. She's no stranger to being on her own, and she has no problem resorting to violence when necessary (or not necessary). She's blunt, straight to the point, and just like you, doesn't mince words. You're not the type that likes to ask for help, and like Georgia, you'd rather do it yourself or not at all.

Taurus: You're Paul Randolph

Patient and a grounding force in Wellsbury, Paul is the perfect candidate for your sign. He's consistent and hardworking, and has the Venusian, pleasure-seeking qualities that you embody. As a Taurus, he's eager to help others in a calm and receptive way, and like you, he doesn't get his feathers ruffled easily unless you really push his buttons. As an earth sign, you both are reliable and trustworthy, and you're always there for those you care about.

Gemini: You're Maxine

As the most social and communicative character in the show, Maxine is the most like you. As a Gemini, your curious nature keeps you busy, and you're always trying out new hobbies, making new friends, and asking questions. There's so much to see and learn, and as a Gemini, you want to learn it all. Like Maxine, you require a lot of freedom to explore the world around you, and you love having your friends around you to experience life together.

Cancer: You're Ellen

As probably the most responsible mom in the entire show, Ellen's nurturing, protective nature aligns with your Cancer qualities perfectly. As the caretaker of the zodiac, you tend to thrive when you have something or someone to nurture, like children, friends, or neighbors. You can be extremely defensive when it comes to your loved ones, and you will go to the ends of the earth to secure their safety. Others always know they can rely on you to take care of them.

Leo: You're Cynthia

As the "queen" of Wellsbury, Cynthia's leadership qualities very much match your sun-ruled energy. You thrive in environments where you can speak your mind honestly, and you're no stranger to the spotlight. You actually prefer it that way. Your fixed sign nature is consistent and proud of the hard work you put in, and like Cynthia, you are as passionate as they come.

Virgo: You're Nick

As a Virgo, you're excellent with communication and details, and just like Nick, work hard to achieve your goals. You can be a bit of a perfectionist at times, but this works well when you're working in a field such as politics a la Nick. You're an asset to any team, and can conquer any task with ease. While Nick can be a bit harsh at times, he ultimately lives to help people with any task at hand. Like you, he knows exactly how to help and what to do, and his strategic, analytical abilities are in perfect alignment with this sign.


Libra: You're Hunter

Social, creative, and fair, Hunter's peacemaker qualities align with your sign of Libra perfectly. You're both excellent at mediation, and tend to avoid conflict. Your ability to make others feel safe and comfortable in social settings is why you're invited to every party and event, and your creative nature speaks to your ruling planet, Venus. Like Hunter, you work best with others, and your romantic partnerships tend to take priority.

Scorpio: You're Marcus

As the most private and calculated sign of the zodiac, your characteristics align perfectly with Marcus'. At first, he's pretty reserved and difficult to figure out, but as he continues to build trust with those around him, he slowly begins to open up. Like you, Marcus is full of passion and determination, and has so much love to give. He's a bit reserved at times, but it's only because of his heightened sensitivity. The both of you have a strong intuitive streak, and work as an amazing protective force.

Sagittarius: You're Zion

Requiring a lot of freedom, your fire sign nature aligns with Zion's, the traveler and motorcycle lover of the show. He prioritizes travel and living life to the fullest over everything, and just like you, has an optimistic approach when it comes to every experience. He has the ability to always look at the bright side of things, and this mindset really allows both of you to get the most out of life. While he can be difficult to pin down, he ultimately does decide that family and having a home is what really matters most.

Capricorn: You're Ginny

As the most mature character on the show (despite only being 15), Ginny's sober, logical nature aligns with the Capricorn archetype easily. You're by far the biggest realist of the zodiac, and as a cardinal sign, you seek active productivity in your daily life. Your grounded, earth sign nature makes you the most reliable friend, but you can oftentimes take yourself a little too seriously. Like Ginny, learning to soften up and let yourself enjoy things is the key to happiness. Work hard, play harder.

Aquarius: You're Joe

Being the humanitarian on the show, running his own farm and local restaurant, Joe's personality is a perfect match with yours. He's an intellectual and cares about the world around him, and like you, tends to rebel against traditional societal norms. You require a lot of freedom, but you care most about other people being able to live their life honestly and authentically. You are an incredible friend, and will always fight for the underdog.

Pisces: You're Austin

As the most empathetic sign of the zodiac, your intuitive nature aligns with Austin's perfectly. He's a gentle soul who truly cares about everyone around him, and is extremely sensitive to his environment. Since you're a mutable sign, your ability to adapt to your surroundings and environment is your strong suit, and you inspire others to be more flexible and open to what the world has in store for you. Being intuitive also makes you extremely creative and idealistic, and you tend to always see things from a brighter side of view.