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There's A New Moon Tonight — Here's What It Means For Every Sign, Emotionally


In life, you give it your best shot and you hope for the best. Sometimes you succeed, and other times, you fail. However, no matter how many mistakes you make, there will always be another rejuvenating new moon just around the corner. It's during a new moon that you're encouraged to spiritually unload your burdens and leave the past in the past. It's during a new moon that you're meant to set a new intention to guide you into the future. At this phase of the 28-day lunar cycle, you're given an opportunity to start over with all the wisdom of your experiences on your side. Life is a constant process of making mistakes and starting from scratch. If you embrace the emotional meaning of the April 2021 new moon, you can make this next chapter count.

The new moon provides you with a clean slate on which you can create your future. Think of it as a blank page where you can write all your plans and describe your ideal life. Even though you may not achieve all that you set out to achieve, you're signaling to the universe what you would like to attract into your life by setting an intention to guide you forward on the new moon. As you make mistakes, you're learning throughout the process, which can be even more valuable than succeeding right off the bat. The ups and downs of the lunar cycle are designed to expand your spirit and bring you wisdom.

During the new moon, the sun — ruler of your overall character, your outward persona, and your ego — will join forces with the moon — ruler of your subconscious, your secrets, and your emotional nature. As the sun and the moon blend their energies, it reconfigures your spirit. It brings your inner world in alignment with your outer world. This connection gives you a sense of direction as the new moon pulls on your desire for growth and forward movement.

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The Emotional Meaning Of The April 2021 New Moon In Aries: April 11 at 10:30 p.m. ET

This new moon will feel especially motivating, and it's all thanks to the fact that it rises in passionate, impulsive, competitive, ambitious, and unstoppable Aries. This cardinal fire sign packs a serious punch, inundating you with the inspiration it takes to fight hard and fast for your future. This is the first new moon of the astrological new year that began when the sun entered Aries, and with it, comes the opportunity to start off this new chapter strong.

Because this new moon will square off with obsessive Pluto, it contains an even darker edge of ambition as it helps you set your sights on what you want and ruthlessly pursue your goals without regard for the consequences. While this can take you to the top and help you transform, it can also leave destruction in your wake if you embrace your more questionable instincts.

Mars — Aries' ruling planet — will also be squaring off with disoriented and illusive Neptune during this new moon, which may leave you feeling confused, restless, and overly emotional. Even though this vibe may seem strange and distracting, it's important to remember that there's never a perfect start to a journey. However, the strife that you attempt to overcome will only make the end result that much more meaningful.

Luckily, you will have plenty of motivation to get moving, even if you're not sure where exactly you're going. Mars will also form a trine with Jupiter — planet of expansion — encouraging you to embrace growth, partake in new experiences, and expand not only your skillset, but your zest for life.