Spring Equinox 2021 is a time for celebration

Spring Has Arrived & It's A Time Of Celebration — Here's Why

by Valerie Mesa

Pat yourself on the back — you crossed the finish line of what seemed like the longest winter in history, but the light is here. Ready to spring forward? As you can imagine, the emotional meaning of the 2021 spring equinox goes far beyond Mother Nature's colorful backdrop and extra hour of sunlight. Spring break is always a reason to celebrate, but this is the moment you've all been waiting for. It's the beginning of a brand-new chapter, so go ahead and turn the page.

Change is the only thing that's constant, but the unique vibration stemming from each of the seasons is enough to guide and empower you. For instance, the autumn season is similar to the new moon, as it is a time for planting seeds. Winter resembles the waxing moon — a time for development and gestation. Spring, on the other hand, brings newness, both literally and figuratively speaking. What did you learn about yourself and your surroundings this past season? What will you take with you? Are you leaving something behind?

The spring equinox is the real new year. After all, the winter season is symbolic of old age and death. It's no wonder winter solstice marks the beginning of Capricorn season, but we have another cardinal season on deck, and it's a fire sign. This element is symbolic of fertility, creation, and passion, and Aries represents the first breath of life.

The Emotional Meaning Of Spring Equinox 2021: Saturday, March 20


Also known as the vernal equinox, or Ostara, the spring is celebrated in different cultures around the world. Taking place on Saturday, March 20, upon the sun's shift into warrior-like Aries, the vernal equinox marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. A 4D canvas of Mother Nature in bloom, the beauty and abundance all around is reflected on your spiritual journey and human experience. Although, in addition to the springtime's colorful views and fertility magic, there is an incredible amount of momentum and inspiration that comes along with it.

Fueled by audacious Mars — the planet of assertion, desire, energy, and passion — Aries season is equivalent to that first cup of coffee after a long slumber, which in this case is Pisces season. Since the essence of dreamy Pisces has everything to do with endings, closure, rest, and your relationship with spirit, it's important to acknowledge the part of you that you're leaving behind. This is where the term "go with the flow" comes from, because everything is happening in divine timing. Make no mistake about it.

As you step into this vivaciously rich season of color, fertility, and new beginnings, my wish for you is that you make your abundance a priority. Self-love is the best love, and it couldn't be more on brand with the essence of Mars-ruled Aries. As if this weren't enough reason to tap into your inner warrior, Venus — planet of love, pleasure, relationships, and values — will join the sun in Aries on March 21. Spring has sprung, and you have the knowledge, experience, and universal resources to walk through this festive season with confidence, clarity, and courage.

The moon will be transiting through intellectually driven Gemini on the day of the spring equinox, encouraging the collective to brainstorm, communicate, and satiate your curiosities. Go-getter Mars will align with Chiron, the wounded healer, highlighting everything from your individual desires to your repressed courage. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to go inward and reflect on your next move. The planet of love will also conclude its journey through Pisces, reminding you of your divinity in the process.