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The Astrological New Year Is Here & It'll Affect Every Zodiac Sign


The new year you usually celebrate takes place the night of Dec. 31 to the early hours of Jan. 1, but the sun's journey through the zodiac wheel recommences at a different time of year. The 2021 astrological new year, in particular, takes place on March 20 at 5:37 a.m. ET, which is the moment the season of spring begins. It's also when the sun enters Aries, the first sign in the zodiac calendar. Aries represents the fire that fuels your passion and your will to compete for the absolute best. It's the sign that encourages following your gut with all of your commitment to your inner compass. Your Aries season 2021 horoscope is here, and it will help you get out of your own way and embrace the power of Aries that exists within you.

Aries season begins with a powerful alignment that will allow you to start a fire and keep that fire burning. After all, on March 21, ambitious Mars — Aries' ruling planet — will form a trine with Saturn — planet of longevity and delayed gratification — encouraging the spark of a new idea to light a flame. And this flame won't just sputter and extinguish, because you'll have the discipline and the commitment to make that fire last; to let it rage behind a project, an idea, or a feeling. The power of Aries is a motivating force and it's a zodiac sign that allows itself to consume and be consumed.

Now's the time to think about your "new year's" resolutions, because the astrological new year catapults you forward. If it feels like you're dragging your feet, the start of Aries season could feel like a jolt to your system. The energy may feel like it's moving fast and it's moving hard. Ride with it.

Each zodiac sign will embrace this energy in their own unique way. Here's what to expect, based on your sun and rising sign:



Remember who you are: someone who has multiple dimensions; someone who's continually evolving and someone who's changing at this very moment. Look in the proverbial mirror and reflect on who you are. You may be becoming someone new.


It's time to get to know your inner workings; the part of you no one else sees. There is so much information and wisdom lurking beneath the surface of your mind. Your spirit is coming alive and it's ready to take over the wheel.


You're tapping into your leadership skills and your ability to facilitate a community connection. There's no reason to be alone with your brilliant ideas when you can share them and cooperate with others to form even more brilliant ideas.


It's time to think about the way you perceive your goals and set your mind on realizing them. You have all your power at your fingertips and you can really nurture something to life if you're willing to keep your eye on the ball.



You have the world at your disposal. It's opening up for you so you can grab the pearl in the middle of the oyster. New experiences are radiating around you, attempting to lure you into the unknown. Rise to the occasion and say "yes" to a new path.


In order to grow, you have to accept that you are letting go of things and before letting new things in. It's the gradual process of transformation; a cycle in which you are ending one thing and beginning something else. Embrace the shift.


New people are on their way to you and you're strengthening your relationship with the people who are already in your life. Strengthen your ability to see from eye to eye and exist in a loyalty to someone. These relationships will spark something new in you.


Each of your actions build upon each other until they mean something. It's time to unpack what your actions are saying about the priorities and values you abide by. What is your routine made up of? How can you refine your use of time more appropriately?



Your artistic inner fire is burning something beautiful in you, etching your heart with the need to express itself. You're an artist and that part of you may be tamed, but it will never stop being wild, raw, and free. Unleash that side of yourself and don't look back.


Your sacred space is calling to you. It's time to rediscover your need for a place that feels like your own and a family that leaves you feeling like you belong. Work through whatever may be standing between you and your relationship with your heart.


Your brain is pulsating with buzzing energy and the desire to connect the dots. There's so much to learn from the world around you; so much to process and observe. Take the time to study, socially engage others, and reconnect with your intellectual side.


Feel the earth beneath your feet. Connect with your surroundings and immerse yourself in the present moment by remembering how real you truly are. There are so many things that support you and belong to you, so continue to forge that security into your life.