The Details About Miley Cyrus' Wedding Dress Prove Her Big Day Was As Romantic As 'The Last Song'

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When the waves are flooding the shore, when I can't find my way home anymore, that's when I, I, I look at Miley Cyrus' wedding photos, because I've been waiting since she first sang about Liam Hemsworth in their dramatic romance movie, The Last Song, for this day to come. If you don't catch the reference, I opened with the lyrics to her single from the film, called "When I Look At You," because these details about Miley Cyrus' wedding dress have me just as emotional as the movie did. What can I say, I'm a crier! But I've also been following Cyrus and Hemsworth and their relationship ups and downs since day one, so I feel especially invested in this particular happy ending, and I want to know every little thing.

Things weren't always smooth sailing for Cyrus and Hemsworth, but after devastating breakups and thrilling reunions, the on-again, off-again couple committed to being on-again forever, via a wedding ceremony held on December 23, 2018. Neither star alerted fans to the big day until after it happened, and we were kept in the dark until Cyrus posted some suggestive Instagram posts on December 26, alluding to the fact that the pair had indeed tied the knot.

She began with this shot of a smooch, which didn't explicitely scream "Just Married!" to me at first:

However, she followed up with a couple more black-and-white shots, featuring herself in a white dress, with their official wedding date as the caption:

As much as I instantly wanted to know more about the wedding in general, I'm not ashamed to admit that, as a fashion-lover, I was primarily concerned with getting the deets on the dress. Cyrus' style evolution has been constantly surprising throughout the years, so I was curious to know how someone so ahead of the curve ended up in a traditional white wedding gown.

The black-and-white Instagram photos don't show the dress in a ton of detail, but this video of Cyrus dancing at her wedding shows her gown in all its glory:

BTW, that video is even cuter than the scene from The Last Song with the hose — if you know, you know:

Back to the dress. According to People, none other than fashion legend Vivienne Westwood was responsible for Cyrus' wedding day look. The gown was an ivory silk satin, with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a draped, corseted bodice. While, IMHO, no one could rock this dress better than Cyrus, anyone willing to try won't have to search for a dupe, as it can be made-to-order at the Vivienne Westwood boutiques in London and New York City, per People. The dress costs $8,600, and while that's by no means a small chunk of change, it definitely seems reasonable in comparison to the literally yearly salaries of some spent by certain celebs on their wedding gowns, so I applaud Cyrus for not going too over the top. And also, for not showing up with a foam finger and space buns, which was a real possibility for a minute there back in 2013.

Again, if you know, you know:

I'm praying Nicholas Sparks, author of the book The Last Song, which inspired the movie through which Cyrus and Hemsworth met, feels moved enough by the couple's nuptials to write yet another romance novel, this time about how a young Hannah Montana would grow up to wed the love of her life, in a fab Vivienne Westwood gown, no less. I get that this is more of a niche love story than most romance novels, but I'd definitely be interested in reading and learning more. Until then, I'll just keep my fingers crossed for more posts from Cyrus and Hemsworth, through which I can continue to gather all the details from their big day.