The Best Music Festival Hairstyle For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You're all about the fashion, flower child. Being Coachella-bound means that the cutest parts of your closet are coming out for a weekend of sunshine and bliss with your besties. Even if you're not headed to the California desert in particular, you've pretty much planned out your outfit with a lot of help from Pinterest (of course). All of your accessories are oh-so-trendy and you found a sweet pair of sunglasses that you'll probably have on in all of your sunny selfies. Now, it's just time to figure out the best music festival hairstyle for you. And lucky for you, the stars know exactly the look you're going for.

Festival season is all about being bohemian, or even a little edgy. You'll see so many street style stars amongst the crowd, rocking the boldest fashion like it came right off the runway. The key to getting in front of the camera is to go into the grounds with confidence, and put a lot of passion and personality into what you wear. Style in general is such an individual thing, and this is the time to let you effortlessly shine.

The weekend will be pretty long when it's all said in done, but you're in the mood to make once in a lifetime memories — so, you really don't mind. Surrounding yourself with all the good vibes and seeing your favorite artists live will leave you feeling ultimately inspired. But, right now, the universe wants you to focus on your festival hairstyle.

Aries: Braids
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Confidence comes so easy to you, Aries. But, figuring out what hairstyle would be best for you this festival season has proved to be a bit of a challenge. You want to be the best and brightest in the crowd, and plan on dancing until dawn in your 'do.

You'll probably get yourself to the spots right in front of the stage, so that you can see your favorite artists as up close and personal as possible. These double boxer braids will make it easy to have so much energy and an unforgettable experience.

Taurus: Straight
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You like to keep things simple, Taurus. So, leaving your hair straight seems like the right thing to do, according to the stars. Doing something that's rather low-maintenance will let you focus on the natural love and beauty that comes with such surroundings. It's a look as reliable as you.

Truth is, festival season is right in the peak of spring and summer, and you're in this for the music more than the street style competition. You'll probably post at least one picture on social media, but you know that the really opportunity of festival season isn't just in your outfit.

Gemini: Double Buns
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There are always two sides to your story, Gemini. On one hand, you're a conversation starter and social butterfly. And on the other, you like to keep to yourself and can be a bit shy with sharing your life stories. The music festival scene will bring out the best in you, and you'll find yourself making new friends everywhere you go.

A hairstyle that is fun and flirty just the same will be perfect for you, according to the stars. These double buns will be a trendy addition to your outfit, and attract all of those people to your sweet personality.

Cancer: Ponytail
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Nothing can stop you, Cancer — except for maybe yourself. You love music because it speaks to your soul on every single level. Getting close to people is kind of out of your comfort zone, and you find yourself turning down experiences sometimes, just because there are going to be strangers in the mix.

But, your hairstyle for festival season can be a bit more straightforward. You have enough fuss already, so putting your hair up in a ponytail will take all of your worries away and let the good times roll. Truth is, with so much summer sun, anything more than this effortless look would be a bit of a fuss.

Leo: Dyed
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It should probably be you up there on that stage, Leo. Your lion side comes out in your style and social situations, when you can be beautifully bold. And for this festival season, the stars think you should take those technicolor tones in your personality and put it where people can see it.

Dying your hair might seem a little daring, and maybe you'll just stick to a nice ombré effect — that way it's not around forever past festival season. But, this look will surely make it easy for you to stand out in the crowd. So, why not do something whimsical with your style?

Virgo: Flower Crown
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You're an Earth sign, Virgo. So, it's only right that you pick your favorite flowers and put them in your hair. From the minute you get onto the grounds of your music festival, you'll most likely be in a sea of flower crowns. They're truly everybody's go-to hairstyle, because they look so perfectly delicate in pictures.

Maybe you'll get one that has big roses, or stick to some simple little sunflowers on a string. You tend to be a bit shy, so blending into the crowd this way seems just fine for your zodiac sign.

Libra: Beach Waves
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You're so lovely, Libra. And your hairstyle for festival season will bring the same vibe with only the best beach waves. Braid your hair the night before, or bring a travel-sized curling iron along for the trip. You don't want to make much of a fuss over any part of your look, and these loose curls will always snag you the likes on social media.

The thing you're excited for most this festival season is being part of that unreal atmosphere that happens every time people come together and listen to live music. Nothing seems to unite a crowd more that singing along to songs that will simply never get old.

Scorpio: Pigtails
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Channel all of your passion in some pigtails, Scorpio. When you first started thinking about your festival style, you knew you wanted something comfortable and cute just the same. Showing off your personality is important to you, because you tend to already wear your heart on your sleeve. So, the stars thought that this hairstyle would be the best for balancing out your entire look.

Your friends are just as excited as you are for this experience. You might've been the one actually to come up with the idea of going to a music festival together. Any opportunity to make memories with your day ones is worth it, even if you're all a little broke.

Sagittarius: Short And Sweet
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Do something short and sweet with your hairstyle, Sagittarius. You're always on the move, and never let fashion keep you from making another memory. Sure, you've spent some time thinking about your look just like everybody else. But, you've also thought about essentials like a polaroid camera and some sunscreen that will make the whole weekend an even better experience.

Maybe you'll cut your hair, or maybe it's already sort of short like this. You can still style it with some beach waves, or throw it in a bun just the same. Having options is honestly always a good idea, anyways.

Capricorn: Headband
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Let's get a little practical, Capricorn. You love festival season because music is everywhere in your life. You've probably asked for one of those record players for your birthday at one point or another, and seen your favorite artists at local shows all of the time. But, festivals are the big leagues and you want to be fashionable for such a wonderful weekend.

A headband will hold your hair back so that you don't have to worry about styling it much, while also keeping you so on-trend. You're probably packing a pair of sneakers and a portable charger as well. Being comfortable is key to having an amazing time with your crew.

Aquarius: Glitter
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Throw some glitter in the air and in your hair, Aquarius. This festival season, you're so celebrating. For one, this has been on your bucket list for forever now, and you're finally making it to the music scene. You spend a lot of your days daydreaming about the trips you want to take around the world, or the people that give you so much inspiration. You're already so one-of-a-kind and have that effect on others, but you'd love to let them radiate it right back, too.

Glitter will be an energetic and colorful addition to your look — although, it might not be super easy to get out afterwards. It's OK, because this weekend, it's all worth it.

Pisces: Hat
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Sleeping is more your style, Pisces. But, you have a lot of appreciation for music and arts as well. Your favorite songs serve as an amazing escape for you, and so seeing these artists perform live is just an essential experience. You'll surround yourself with your favorite friends, and channel that festival fashion. Adding a hat, though, will show off that more private side of your personality — and not to mention, block out some of that strong sun.

You're honestly so friendly, and you'll probably make a few new friends throughout the weekend. Festival season is the best for bringing people together into new social situations. And the universe knows that prepping your hairstyle and festival fashion is a good place to start, because it's so simply based on your zodiac sign.