The One Festival You Need To Experience Before 25, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Festival life is in your future. There's something about music that we can all get behind. From alternative, to rap, and those catchy pop songs that are always on the radio, there's truly a song for everyone and every experience. On road trips with your friends, you take over the AUX cord and put on your playlists. Life is better when there's a soundtrack, and you know exactly which tune you want to be in the background of every memory you make together. According to the stars, the best festival to go to before 25 is based on your zodiac sign and should absolutely be on your bucket list. Get your flower crowns ready — it's not your average concert or atmosphere.

There's no shortage of good vibes when you're surrounded by people listening to the songs they love. Think of all those dance parties you've had with your crew, where you're scream-singing along to middle school throwbacks. A music festival is like that, but with thousands of your best friends that you just haven't met yet.

When our lives have us totally in our feels, our wanderlust is at its peak, or the world is just having a hard time — we tend to turn to music. The lyrics know exactly what to say, and bring us a little bit to life. If you look up to the stars, the music festival you should go to is just as clear. Your sign needs to see one stage before turning 25 for your universe to be totally pitch-perfect.

Aries: Coachella
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Go big or go home — right, Aries? Coachella is the king of all music and arts festivals. And as the leader of the pack on most things, it's only right that you experience it firsthand. You've probably seen a million pictures all over social media of girls in their bohemian outfits and flower crowns, and you'll honestly want to start planning your look now.

The top influencers from around the globe come and see the most star-studded headliners perform on this stage, from The Weeknd, to Beyoncé and Eminem. You'll fit right in during this wild weekend.

Taurus: Glastonbury Festival
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Everything your looking for in your music festival experience is in England, Taurus. The Glastonbury Festival is known around the world, and it's calling your name. Artists like Coldplay and Radiohead have played to a crowd of millions, sending shockwaves of inspiration into all kinds of music-lovers.

As a Taurus, you love to surround yourself with all kinds of love and beauty, and so being in such an atmosphere won't phase you one bit. Sometimes the line-ups for these festivals don't have too many recognizable faces, and you'll particularly appreciate that you'll be able to sing along to almost every song that gets played, because you've likely heard these artists somewhere before.

Gemini: Governors Ball Music Festival
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The city never sleeps, Gemini. And your mind is always racing, so sometimes neither do you. Governors Ball Music Festival brings rap, R&B, pop, and some alternative artists to a larger than life stage. Held on Randall's Island Park in New York City, there is never a shortage of good vibes and interesting people to share all your ideas with.

Unlike Coachella, this music festival has much more of a city vibe than a bohemian one. You're not going to be dancing until dawn in the desert, but you will be hanging just miles away from skyscrapers — so plan your style accordingly. You've never needed to travel far to find fun — just a few good friends and an even better atmosphere for your Air sign.

Cancer: Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival
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You have such a relationship with relaxing, Cancer. Whenever you go to concerts, it's likely in a small, intimate venue with an alternative artist that not many people know about (And honestly, I've been to a few of these, and your instincts are really not wrong.) But, if you want to check something bigger off of your bucket list before you turn 25, you should absolutely hit up the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Hosted just a little ways outside of Nashville, TN, this festival gets all the big names and the small ones, too. This year alone, artists like The Killers, Paramore, and Khalid will be playing on the stage and sending all kinds of vibes into their surroundings. There's honestly something for everyone — and you'll love getting in your feels with your friends to music that you'll remember forever.

Leo: Electric Zoo
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You shouldn't just go to Electric Zoo because your sign is a lion, Leo. Although, I do very much see the irony that the stars put into this one. Truth is, this music festival is the only one that will truly match your level of energy and feed you the most insane amount of fun. Held over Labor Day weekend on Randall's Island, it's a weekend dedicated to the vibes and beat drops of electric dance music.

World-renowned DJs will play unreal sets that'll speak to your soul. You'll meet all sorts of people in the process, and of course, make a million new friends that you can then go to other festivals with in the years to come. It's a no-brainer, according to the stars.

Virgo: Firefly Music Festival
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Set right in woodlands of Delaware is a music festival that will seriously speak to all your visions, Virgo. Firefly Music Festival is kind of like the Coachella of the East Coast. It gets a lot of the same headliners, but with a slightly alternative and hip-hop taste, and is a great way to kickstart the summer — considering it happens in June.

As an Earth sign, you'll love getting back to nature while listening to all your favorite songs. Sure, you could settle for the radio, but going outside of your comfort zone is surely in the stars for you.

Libra: Gathering Of The Vibes Music Festival
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Music festivals might not quite seem like your scene, Libra. But, before you shake your head and say no to such an experience, check out the Gathering Of The Vibes Music Festival. You love to live your life with an immense amount of harmony and balance, and this one celebrates diversity with all sorts of music.

Maybe you'll camp for the weekend, or just get a day pass. However, long you go you'll surely feel the peace and leave feeling totally refreshed. Getting social is something your particularly good at, too, and there are all kinds of people you can meet and connect with at a music festival.

Scorpio: SXSW Conference And Festivals
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You love the arts, Scorpio, because there's so much passion that goes into every project. At the end of the day, we all so relate to music because it speaks to our biggest struggles and brightest moments in life. The SXSW Conference and Festivals will bring the entire creative process to life right in front of your eyes, and let you fall in love with the little things that go into being artistic.

Attend panels where people talk about their passions, network with the most creative in the industry, and interact with a number of festivals within the weekend including film, music, comedy, and gaming. You'll never be bored and truly feel like you're surrounded by a squad who understands and appreciates what you love about life.

Sagittarius: Cannes Film Festival
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You love music for sure, Sagittarius. But, you're more adventurous than the average festival pictures you see on social media. Before you turn 25, you should hop across the pond to France for the Cannes Film Festival. Being spontaneous and insightful has always been your style, and so going to a festival that's absolutely filled with the utmost level of cinematic culture will speak to your soul and your star sign.

This festival is meant to bring new talent into the industry of film, that will change-up the movie screen as we know it. You'll want to ditch the flower crowns and find something maybe a little designer for this event. After all, you'll be surrounded by quite a sophisticated and creative crowd.

Capricorn: New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival
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Everyone loves music, but you appreciate it like no other, Capricorn. Maybe growing up you were in the chorus group or played an instrument other than the recorder that we were all required to pick up in third grade. Or maybe you've just gotten into it on your own over the years, and become the person in your crew everyone comes to for a solid playlist.

Whatever your situation may be, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is the unique experience that's written in the stars for you. The festival is meant to celebrate the history behind the music we love, particularly that developed in the region of New Orleans. Ryan Gosling and the cast of La La Land would have a field day being surrounded by so many people who appreciate jazz, and you will, too.

Aquarius: Osheaga
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You're such an individual, Aquarius. So, a music festival that is centered around indie-style artists will be the best fit for you before you turn 25. Take a train, or maybe just a road trip, to Montreal for Osheaga with a couple of friends. Something like this has always been on your bucket list, and you can finally check it off just over the border.

If the crowd gets to be too much, or you want a break from the music, maybe you'll even check out one of the many other activities they have going on throughout the weekend. There are carnival rides and zone specifically meant for kicking your feet up and chilling out for a bit. You have an immense amount of energy, so you'll surely do just fine — but it's always good to know that there's all sorts of things to do, and that you can make this experience totally your own.

Pisces: Boston Calling
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Pisces — you love your headphones because it means you can shut out the world and just listen to your music. Sometimes that escape is so good, but when it comes to music festivals, you'll want to find yourself in some good company and even better tunes. Boston Calling is fairly new to the music festival scene, and only started in 2013. But, they've been seriously making waves and shouldn't be underestimated.

Your artistic and musical soul will love the melody of this weekend. Held in a city that truly feels like one really big hometown, you'll find that fitting in isn't hard, and that it was worth leaving your daily lifestyle behind for making amazing music festival memories with your besties.