Beyoncé & The Weeknd Are Headlining Coachella, So Get Your Tickets ASAP

by Jamie LeeLo
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Hey, music fans, what's the best possible news I could tell you right now? Is it... BEYONCÉ IS HEADLINING COACHELLA??? After delivering her twins in June, the music icon is returning to the festival and we can't be more jazzed. It's not a big deal, but she'll also be joined by The Weeknd and Eminem. (Just kidding, it's a huge deal.) If you're wondering how to get tickets to Coachella so you can catch their performances in all of their glory, we've got your back.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Coachella is f-ing expensive. If you're serious about doing this thing right, prepare to drop some serious cash. Tickets go on sale on Coachella's website at noon on Friday, Jan. 5, and you can anticipate a frenzy when you sign on. General admission will cost travelers a chill $429, and if you want to purchase the Festival and Shuttle Combo, expect to pay $504. If you're really committed to doing the damn thing, you can get a VIP Festival Pass which includes access to the venue, day parking lots, and three VIP areas. That will run you $999. (That's almost $1000!!! WHAT A WORLD!)

If you pop on over to the website, you'll see there are explicit instructions on what to do when purchasing your tickets. Coachella's website explains,

When passes go on sale, the page will automatically refresh. You are now assigned a random spot in line to purchase passes.

I know. "A random spot" doesn't sound ideal, but be patient. Once you're through, the website will guide you on how to fill up your cart with Coachella goodies, like car camping options, tents, or even teepees! (Again, WHAT A WORLD!)

If you're an emotionless robot and for some reason The Weeknd, Eminem, and Queen B aren't doing it for you, maybe the rest of the lineup will.

Coachella is seriously lit this year. Other fan favorites like Cardi B, HAIM, Migos, Kygo, Miguel, and St. Vincent are going to be taking over California this April.

Fun fact: One time, a friend of mine attended the festival and wore a thong on her head the whole time.

Guess what? No one said anything. Isn't that a world you want to live in?

If you're the type of person who gets restless swaying in large concert crowds, fear not. Coachella has SO MUCH other stuff going on besides music. While taking a quick peek at their directory, you'll see there will be tons of food, art, and additional activities outside of the concerts. For example, you could hang out on an energy playground while you let your phone charge, ride the famous Ferris wheel, or go polar bear dating — whatever that is! Obviously, camping is a big piece of any festival weekend, and Coachella has loads of options for you and your friends to do that, too.

The big thing to remember is to log on Jan. 5 if you want in. That, and to sell your most precious items in advance so you can afford your ticket. Passes are sure to go quickly this year, particularly after Beyoncé had to pull out of the 2017 festival due to her pregnancy. Sure, Lady Gaga filled in and that was pretty awesome, but fans are hungry for their Queen.

You can expect to see her perform on Saturdays, Apr. 14 and 21, and The Weeknd will be holding down Friday nights, while Eminem rocks out on Sundays.

Bring your thong hats.

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