The One Music Festival Accessory You Need, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Good vibes only, OK? Festival season has the inner flower child in you so stoked. You're about to be in the most unreal atmosphere, and surround yourself with only the best and brightest in music. You just officially got your tickets last week, but you've been dreaming about Coachella and the like for so long now. And you can finally say you're desert bound with your besties. By now, you've probably already started to plan all of your outfits and picked out some style inspo on Pinterest. Flower crowns are essential, but the best music festival accessories for you have already been decided by the stars.

You want to look like a vision. After all, you'll be posting so many pictures on Instagram so that the experience lasts forever. Throwing peace signs up in the air and posing against ferris wheels and palm trees is so needed, and you're looking to make all of your followers oh-so-proud. This is the one time of the year when you really want to stand out in the crowd. Street style has created such unofficial runways around the world, and cameras will be pointing at your crew just the same.

Amongst all of the packing prep, you've been doing some online shopping and stressing a bit that you'll forget the essentials. A weekend-long trip to the desert means that you'll want to throw a water bottle and maybe even a portable charger in your bag. But, let's get to the accessories you'll be wearing, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: A Bold Belt

Time Out Black Belt, $11, Tobi

You mean business, Aries. No matter what season it is, you're always on the grind and looking to be the most ambitious one in the group. Your style is probably already quite bold and edgy to match your personality. Fashion is meant to be fearless, and you're looking at Coachella as a competition for a spot in front of the cameras.

Maybe you're planning on wearing a leather jacket, or a totally vintage graphic tee. One of your favorite bands recently went on tour, and you'd love to show off their merch while making so many memories. Whatever outfit you're thinking of, be sure to throw in a bold belt like this one from Tobi, with a buckle as big as your confidence.

Taurus: A Silky Scarf Headband
Urban Outfitters

Extra-Large Silky Square Scarf, $24, Urban Outfitters

You're practical, Taurus. So, you know that at one point or another during this festival weekend, you'll want to put your hair back. You could stick to the average ponytail, or maybe throw in some of those boxer braids. But, a silky scarf headband like this one will surely bring the bohemian vibes to your look and make your outfit so lovely.

Festivals are your scene, because like seemingly most people in this world, you absolutely love music. There's nothing like it to put you in a good mood, and whenever you're hard at work, you love throwing in your headphones and putting on a good playlist. You've probably taken the time to pick out indie artists to follow, because you know the best tracks aren't always the ones on the radio. Hopefully, you'll see at least one of your favorites take the stage this season!

Gemini: A Flower Crown
Forever 21

Rose Flower Crown Headwrap, $8, Forever 21

A flower crown might seem a bit basic, Gemini. But, you're looking to be part of the crowd and get with the social scene this festival season. So, according to the stars, you should wear an accessory that will spark some conversation.

Wrap some roses around your loose curls, or stick to something simple like stringing daisies or sunflowers. Festival season is in the peak of spring and summer — it's only right that you're blooming like all the May flowers you'll be finding along the way. Usually you wouldn't venture too far out of your town for an experience, but a music festival is so worth the road trip even if you're a bit broke, too.

Cancer: A Trendy Pair Of Sunglasses
Urban Outfitters

Sadie Slim Oval Sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters

Let's get a little shady, Cancer. Being surrounded by a bunch of strangers doesn't sound so ideal, but soaking up the desert sun always makes for a weekend well-spent. A trendy pair of sunglasses is honestly an essential for anybody who's festival bound, but according to the stars, you'll for sure want to add this accessory to your look.

You've never been one to reveal much about your relationships, and it might takes awhile for you to open up to people. A pair of sunglasses will show off your emotional edge just the same, while keeping you so in style. Truth is, you're not in this to make new friends. You and your besties are about to have the best time, but you'd always choose your crew over the crowd.

Leo: Sparkly Face Jewel Stickers

Just A Fairy Tale Face Jewel Stickers, $6, Tobi

You're feeling fun and flirty, Leo. This isn't the first time you've been called a flower child, and you blame your summer baby soul for loving the music festival scene so much. Honestly, you've probably already gone to a bunch of shows with your squad, or have at least scoped out what you should be wearing well in advance. These sparkly face jewel stickers will surely get you noticed, and make your outfit memorable amongst the sea of music lovers.

One day, you hope to be on your own stage with all the bright lights as your backdrop. You have your talents, and could make a solid mixtape just from all of your shower singing. Don't worry, you'll get there — but for now, stick to this kind of glamour.

Virgo: A Body Chain Bralette
Forever 21

Circle Link Body Chain Bralette, $10, Forever 21

You fall in love with all of the little things, Virgo. You've always been one to appreciate the smallest gestures, and pay attention to details that others might look past. According to the stars, you should channel this once again in your festival accessories with this body chain bralette.

This piece will definitely upgrade your look by adding some much-needed sparkle to your tank top's neckline. Being an Earth sign, flower crowns aren't really your style, and anything more sparkly than this wouldn't be in line with your ground soul. On festival weekend, you're simply looking to leave all your worries and work behind and actually have some fun with your besties. You so deserve a few days away from it all in the desert.

Libra: A Big Hat
Urban Outfitters

Brixton Field Hat, $58, Urban Outfitters

Let's talk festival accessories, Libra. You're never one to cause a fuss, or put anything in the way of your peace of mind — and blocking out the drama is always essential. Festival season is all about surrounding yourself with music and having fun with your friends, but there's surely going to be some beautiful chaos because of the crowds. Let a big hat like this help you block anything you don't want out, and keep you slaying street style, as well.

You honestly hate being alone, so you're hoping to find at least one other fan who appreciates the same artists as you. Everyone's going to see the big names like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, but you can't wait to sing along to some new tracks, too.

Scorpio: An Edgy Ring Set

Lindau Gold Ring Set, $12, Lulus

Are you ready to make some memories, Scorpio? Your festival style is bound to be sweet like your soul, but you'll want to add just a little edge to it all in your accessories. This gold ring set will get you in the flower child state of mind, and it'll pair perfectly with a romantic romper or even a tie-dye dress.

Since you're such a passionate person, you look at every experience as an opportunity to create an amazing life story. A music festival is sure to be the setting of a lot of your visions, and it's always crucial that you do it in style. Truth is, you're always looking to the stars for advice, and they've never steered you wrong. So, you'll want to listen to them when it comes to what you should wear this season, too.

Sagittarius: A Macrame Tote

On Vacay Ivory Macrame Tote, $27, Tobi

You better believe you're going to need a cute bag for this festival season, Sagittarius. A music festival has been at the top of your bucket list for awhile now. And like any of your other travels, you're jumping head-first into every part of the experience. Music has a way of transporting us through time and space, and so even if you're not going very far for a festival, you'll surely get that much-needed escape.

You've always been one of those people who lives out of their suitcase, and know that there are some essentials you have to pack no matter where you wander. A cute macrame tote like this one will keep the things you need for the weekend close, while totally complementing your look.

Capricorn: A Flashy Fanny Pack

Dickies Silver Iridescent Hip Sack Fanny Pack, $25, Zumiez

Being responsible can be fun and flashy, too, Capricorn. This festival season, you'll probably be the "mom" amongst your besties. On any given night out or day spent wandering around the city on the weekend, you're always the one people look to for all the answers and essentials. Truth is, you're just a really reliable shoulder to have around, and you'll want an accessory that keeps you in this spot.

A fanny pack is a unique way to carry around your stuff at a music festival. Sure, you could settle for a tote or even an artsy backpack with a bunch of patches and pins. But, when else will you be able to sport something so dreamy and one-of-a-kind? Use this experience to change up your bag game, and let the good times roll.

Aquarius: Statement Hoop Earrings
Free People

Flamenco Tassel Hoop Earrings, $28, Free People

Making statements has always been your style, Aquarius. Whether it's in your fashion sense, or just the way you approach situations, you've continuously done things differently than others would probably do. Your intentions are sound, and even if it doesn't seem like you have an emotional connection to your decisions, you pinky promise that those feelings are still there.

According to the stars, a pair of earrings like these hoops will be just right for your sign. Music festivals speak to your flower child soul the most because you get to have fun with your friends, while surrounding yourself with something totally new. There's nothing like this kind of atmosphere to give you some much-needed inspiration.

Pisces: A Layering Necklace

Sunizona Silver Layered Collar Necklace, $14, Lulus

As a Pisces, you already have so many layers. There's your creative side that keeps you oh-so-inspired, and your romantic side that comes out in your closest relationships. Music has always been an escape for you, and you love finding yourself in songs. A layering necklace like this one will speak to every part of your soul, and be an amazing accessory to add to your festival look.

Maybe you're headed to the land of music lovers with your squad, or hoping to find some new company and venturing out solo. This stylish piece will pair nicely with a simple bodysuit or maybe even a graphic tee if you're feeling a little edgy.

You've honestly never been so excited for an experience, and so landing the best look is essential. Lucky for you, the stars will forever have good fashion sense and know just the accessory for you this festival season.