The Perfect Festival Look For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Matt Cowan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's officially spring, but the only season that's really on my radar is festival season. April showers bring May flowers, and it's a good thing because I need all the daisies in the world for oh-so-chic and classic crowns. You've scrolled through the best street style looks from celebrities and fashion bloggers, and are going into it all with at least a couple of visions for social media. As long as your outfit includes a trendy pair of sunglasses to beat that warm sun, you'll be just fine. The best festival style for you is written in the stars, just in case you were having trouble pulling the pieces together. Those flower crowns are fashionable and all, but you need something more if you're going to get in front of the cameras.

A shopping trip with your besties is definitely needed so that you can scoop up all of the latest looks. Music festivals tend to be a weekend-long affair, so you'll need more than just one outfit (and not to mention some other unexpected things, like extra hair ties and a reusable water bottle) to make it through. And whether you're headed to Coachella or something quite similar, you'll want to be ready for the unofficial runway.

Go into it with your best mindset. Even a look with a little bit of edge will put you with the most fashionable in the festival crew. But, before you fill your bags, see what the universe has in store for your style this season.

Aries: A Graphic Tee

Daisies Tee, $35, Madewell

You're all about adventure, Aries. So, your festival style should be bold and beautiful just like your experience will be. A graphic tee can be a little edgy, and effortlessly shows off your personality. You're hitting up the music festival scene already assuming that you'll get in front of at least one camera. Your fashion has to have that same cool confidence.

Maybe you'll find something a bit vintage, like a band tee from the Rolling Stones, or wear a shirt that has total spring and summer vibes. I personally love the daisy pattern on this tee, and it will surely complement that flower crown you've been constructing for a while now.

Taurus: A Cropped Boho Top
Urban Outfitters

Truly Madly Deeply Cropped Peasant Top, $39, Urban Outfitters

You're going to love the atmosphere at a music festival, Taurus. You literally live your life in the pursuit of being surrounded by love and beau ty. There's nothing like music to send all those aromas into the air.

For your festival fashion, the stars have decided that you need something simple, but flirty just the same. This peasant top from Urban Outfitters will make a sweet addition to your style, and have you radiating all the right (and slightly romantic) vibes. After all, your vibe attracts your tribe — and if you're looking to make new friends this festival season, you'll want to put that patient and passionate foot forward.

Gemini: A Lace-Up Crop Top

Sydney Black Multi Lace Up Crop Top, $34, Tobi

Gemini, you're hitting up a music festival this spring or summer purely for the social scene. You could talk to just about anyone, and love the friendship possibilities that surround a bunch of people coming together for the same purpose — music.

You'll surely strike up at least one conversation with the person standing next to you in front of the stage about your favorite artists and which songs you hope they play. It's honestly a very long day, and these little moments will help all that waiting time pass.

A crop top like this will be the best for your star sign's style because it's fun and flirty, but also has a little bit of edge. Everyone knows that your sign is kind of a mixed bag, and this top will show off the best of both of your worlds.

Cancer: A Denim Dress
Vici Collection

Daisy Denim Dress, $52, Vici Collection

You're so calm, Cancer. Any activity that includes losing yourself in your artsy side or snuggling up at home is right up your alley. So, getting tickets and booking a trip for a weekend-long festival may not be the first thing on your mind — let alone what you'd wear. Lucky for you, the stars have once again got you covered.

This denim dress will be so sweet for your relaxed fashion sense. Let's be real, those days in the desert can get pretty toasty, so finding something with flow is oh-so-necessary. Pair this piece with a neutral-toned sun hat and a cute pair of lace-up sandals to keep the look light and lively. If anything else, you're excited to get a bit out of your comfort zone with this experience.

Leo: A Bright Midi Dress
Free People

Solace Midi Dress, $108, Free People

You want to steal all of the street style spotlights, Leo. It's just part of your common sense at this point to slay in all social situations — including the ones that come with festival season. Truth is, you love being the center of attention. So, this tangerine midi dress from Free People will surely get you noticed amongst the music-lover crowd.

Being a summer baby, bright colors are probably your absolute favorite. Some people (like me) shy away from those mustards and pop of red that have been so on trend. But, you're a lion with such lovely fashion, and you're never afraid to be a little bold. The camera will clearly love you, and maybe this dress will even get you a shoutout from the stage.

Virgo: A Tie Dye Maxi Dress
Vici Collection

Place In The Sun Tie Dye Maxi Dress, $52, Vici Collection

You love being outdoors, Virgo. It's just in your nature, considering you're an earth sign. A weekend soaking up the sun amongst the mountains and music with your besties sounds so ideal. And let's be honest — when was the last time you really took some time off?

All year you work so hard, so festival season is your chance to take some time for yourself. This maxi dress will get you in that mindset while still showing off how grounded your soul can be. Tie dye might make you think of the days of summer camp as kid, or turn you into your inner flower child. That's totally OK, because a music festival is just the right place to ditch your planner and be a little free-spirited.

Libra: A Simple Set
Free People

Railroad Twin Ties Set, $168, Free People

Libra, like a Cancer, you prefer when the situations in your life are calm and collected. And I can't promise you'll find too much of that at a music festival with all of those beat drops and all. But, you can absolutely channel it in what you choose to wear from your closet.

According to the stars, a cute set like this one from Free People will bring all the bohemian vibes to your style and let you listen to your favorite artists without a worry in the world. Picking out the perfect outfit in general can be such a drag, and wearing something that needs to be adjusted every time you dance is never ideal. This set does all of the work for you, so that you can simply enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience.

Scorpio: An Intimate Bodysuit
Free People

HBD Bodysuit, $68, Free People

Love and music are in the air, Scorpio. You're going to come back from your weekend with so many stories to share, and you can't wait to fall head over heels for every moment. Out of all the star signs, you've always been pretty good about living in the present, and that's key when you're part of such a unique experience. Sure, you could use what you already have in your closet to come up with the best festival look. You're so resourceful, and after buying tickets you could probably save yourself some money. But, this bodysuit will make you reconsider just settling for the same old festival style.

You have a romantic side, and all of your pictures will probably be of you hugging your besties or gently gazing out into the crowd. The lace that lines the neckline of this piece will show off that passion and could be easily paired with an edgy leather jacket, too.

Sagittarius: A Printed Romper

Zuma Multi Aztec Print Kimono, $39, Tobi

In between all of your travels, you made room on your bucket list for at least one music festival. Truth is, they're kind of a trip on their own — whether you have to jet-set somewhere to get to the music scene, or just get totally lost in the atmosphere of the moment. And you'd rather have the adventure while you're young instead of searching for your soulmate.

This printed romper from Tobi is the piece your festival style needs, according to the stars. On one hand, a romper will free you from all the fuss of a complicated outfit and let you focus on the fun. On the other hand, this look has that outdoorsy and adventurous feel that you want to show off this and every other season.

Capricorn: A Button-Down Jumpsuit
Urban Outfitters

Tootsie Button-Down Cropped Jumpsuit, $69, Urban Outfitters

Button-down jumpsuits are so in this festival season, Capricorn. And though you normally settle for pieces that'll always be in style, your closet needs this cute number before you head off to Coachella and the like. It will be comfortable, completely low-maintenance, and worth every cute selfie that you'll undeniably get during your weekend with your squad.

The music scene has always been one of your favorites. You love places where you can listen to indie artists play live, and probably have seen a dozen shows or so already this year. A music festival is just even more ideal, because you can see all the big names all at once without having to wander to a million different venues or snagging tickets to a different stage. Enjoy the experience, Cap. There's nothing else quite like it.

Aquarius: An Off-The-Shoulder Romper
Vici Collection

Isla Vista Off The Shoulder Romper, $52, Vici Collection

Aquarius — you need something effortlessly chic for your music festival experience. This off-the-shoulder romper won't disappoint by any means. When it comes to your style, you always dare to be different. Out of all of your friends, you're probably the first to try a new trend or show up to a function a little overdressed. You love how you can put your personality and passion into fashion, and find that it's one of the best ways to express your emotions — because let's be honest, talking about them has never really been your thing.

During your festival season, you might go to a bunch of different shows just to surround yourself with all the social crowds. You want to check out the smaller artists, as well as the big names, because you know that there's something to see in them all. Going against the group isn't anything new for you, and you'll show off your independent and stylish soul with this look.

Pisces: A Black Wide Leg Pant

By Your Side Black Wide Leg Satin Pants, $28, Tobi

Pisces, you'd honestly rather throw in a pair of headphones than show up to a music festival. But, you know that there's something worth seeing this season. According to the stars, these wide leg satin pants will be all the chic and comfortable cues your style needs. Imagine being able to wear your pajamas out in public. Personally, this seems about as close as you can get.

You're oh-so-artistic, so you've always had a very deep appreciation for music and the work that goes behind every single track. Moments when you can lose yourself in a song are honestly the best, because it's an escape without having to break the bank on some plane tickets.

Everybody will be slaying their stuff this festival season, and you'll want to look to the universe for all the best fashion sense. It's so much more than just flower crowns, no matter what your star sign.