What Your Favorite Brunch Drink Low-Key Reveals About Your Personality

Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy

Oh boy, do I love brunch. There are not many things that make me happier than going to the diner on a Sunday morning and sipping on a cup of coffee with a plate of home fries on the side. The local spot is normally packed, but my besties and I never seem to mind. After all, everyone's just on the same mission to start their day off right — and we really can't blame them for loving breakfast food. Some order omelettes, and others are totally pancake people. From bottomless mimosas to a classic cup of coffee, your favorite brunch drink says the most about your personality, though. So, start thinking about what you're sipping.

Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation really knew what they were talking about when they said not many things are better than breakfast food. Sure, I might not ever love waffles quite as much, and never order all the bacon and eggs — but I'm still incredibly passionate about the brunch game.

I would love to be able to eat endless amounts of French toast during the work week. Imagine how much better that would make Monday morning! But odds are, if you're brunching, it's on a weekend when you're out with your crew for only the best crepes. Your favorite breakfast drink then says a lot about how you choose to start the week, but also a lot about your personality. These 10 go-to orders will tell you everything you need to know.

If You Order A Mimosa

You're as classic as they come if you order a mimosa at brunch. Truth is, a morning spent in the company of breakfast food and your crew wouldn't be quite as picture perfect without popping a bottle of champagne. You like that it adds a little something flirty to your average diner finds, and starts your week off on a fun, yet simple, note.

If this is your go-to drink, then you definitely have a social side as well and love seeing the bright side in any situation. You might even have a touch of Capricorn in you, because you love the tradition of getting brunch with your besties and ordering this drink bottomless.

If You Order A Coffee

If you're ordering coffee at brunch, then you're also quite classic, but in a different way than the brunch chick who orders bottomless mimosas. In a way, you're a bit more serious about life and love your surroundings to be nothing short of brew-tiful.

You tend to live a very aesthetically pleasing life, and love to be on the go. Sure, weekends are for relaxing, but your lazy Sunday isn't just about snuggling up and watching movies all afternoon. You're a go-getter and probably have at least one passion project that you spend your weekends working on. There's always time for brunch, but after that, it's time to adventure and make the most of your day.

You really can't imagine a morning without a kick of caffeine or a weekend where you don't have brunch with your besties.

If You Order Tea

*Sips tea.* Just kidding, tea-drinker. You're not really all about the drama. In fact, your favorite brunch drink says the exact opposite about you and your personality. You've never really been into the whole coffee scene, or needed that energetic kick of caffeine in the morning. You prefer to sip on something simpler, but still effortlessly flavorful.

This drink says that you're honestly pretty low-maintenance and maybe even a little shy. You don't like to cause much of a fuss, but your love of harmony in life is what makes friends love your company at brunch so much. So, you'll surely always have some buds to share waffles with on a Sunday morning.

If You Order Juice

You're a kid at heart and oh-so-sweet if you order juice at brunch with your besties. You love the little bit of sugar in the morning, and it honestly pairs so perfectly with your plate of pancakes or fresh French toast.

Out of everyone in your group, you're probably the most in love with life. You look for adventure wherever you go, and there's not a person on the planet you couldn't get along with. Truth is, you're just so naturally genuine and you let it power your passions and drive you in any social situation.

If You Order A Cocktail

Most brunch menus come with a whole list of cocktails. And if you're 21 or older, you might choose to order one every time you go out for breakfast food. This drink choice says that you have a very daring personality. You love to take risks or at least give everything your best shot. You might travel a lot or are just always down to try something new. All in all, it's made you pretty well-rounded in the long run.

A cocktail can be anything from a screwdriver to a margarita in the morning. Not everyone has the stomach for a side of tequila, but you can do it no problem. Truth is, you can also tell a lot about your crush just from their bar order, and now your crew knows a thing or two about you, too — just from your favorite brunch drink.

If You Order A Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is technically a cocktail, but when it comes to brunch, it deserves its own category. I don't know who came up with this combination, and personally I'm not so much a fan, but if your go-to drink at brunch is sipping on something spicy — well, all the power to you.

This drink is not only for the daring, but those with a bit of a spontaneous side. If this is your favorite thing to order next to breakfast food (of course), then you have definitely have a quick wit and might even be the sarcastic friend in your crew. You have a comment on basically everything, but know when it's best to keep those thoughts to yourself. You definitely have a keen eye for experience. Nobody should doubt you and your dreams, or your favorite drink to order at brunch.

If You Order Beer

Beer for breakfast? Yup, that's sort of your style. If this is your go-to drink order at brunch, then you're in the Sunday Funday sort of mindset. You might be ordering something a little closer to lunch off of the menu instead of sticking to the usual stack of pancakes, and you for sure bring the party to your morning-time pack.

Truth is, you just really want to start your week off in fun sort of way. You hate when things are boring and probably pull pranks around your office like Jim from The Office. Getting yourself into this golden state of mind when it's still only the weekend is totally crucial and key to your best success.

If You Order Wine

Wining and dining takes a whole new approach when you do it with breakfast food. Seriously, a glass of Pinot Grigio on the side of any sort of potatoes sounds ideal, and you already know it because it's your go-to brunch combination.

Brunch really is all about enjoying the finer things in life with your besties — and if you choose to order wine with your meal, then you probably love living a sophisticated lifestyle. Since it's Sunday, you don't mind if it makes you a little sleepy, because you have the rest of the day to nap it off and get in the Monday-morning mood. On any given day, you find ways to treat yourself and are probably a pro at self-care. Maybe we all can take some tips from you and your wine.

If You Order A Smoothie Or A Milkshake

Your milkshake brings all the breakfast food to the yard. It's honestly the most refreshing drink on the menu — and you always have to watch out that your brunch buds aren't trying to stick in their straws for a sip. If this is your favorite drink to order, then you're really one-of-a-kind and always enjoying the little things in life.

Most people seemingly forget about the smoothie and milkshake part of the menu when they're brunching because their eyes are on mimosas and everything covered in maple syrup. You know that taking a second look and finding a new perspective always leads to the best things in life, and you dare to be different way past just breakfast food.

If You Order A Water

We've now arrived at hydration station. Ordering water is honestly a power move at brunch. Not only is it the best and easiest option if you're eating breakfast food on a budget, but it's super healthy and a great way to start your day. Our bodies need water to function at their best, and by ordering this at brunch, you're consistently starting your week off on the right foot.

Nothing is quite as refreshing as an ice cold glass of water after a very rich and hearty meal — and so your go-to drink order says that you really know how to find a balance in everything you do. Any time you're faced with stress, you probably take a moment to freak out, but then you also always handle it. You know when to drop a joke in a social situation and when to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Having this attitude toward everything is honestly a great way to be because it keeps you so grounded. Who knew you could tell so much from your favorite brunch drink?