April 2021 New Moon Will Be The Worst

April's New Moon Will Be Hard For These Signs, But It'll Only Make Them Stronger

Even the most beautiful things in life had to start somewhere. A painting started with nothing but a white canvas, a novel began as nothing but a blank page, and before a tree became a tree, it was nothing but a tiny seed planted in the earth. When you're beginning something new, it's hard to believe you'll ever be able to bring your project to fruition. All you see is all the time, commitment, and work that lies ahead of you. That's why the hardest part of the process is often taking that first step. Keep this in mind when I say the April 2021 new moon will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — because although they may be off to a rough start, there's so much potential for growth and expansion.

Taking place in cardinal fire sign Aries, the upcoming new moon will tap into your desire to win. Aries is impulsive, passionate, and oh so competitive, stopping at nothing until they prove themselves. This energy can be incredibly motivating, but if you get too hung up on maintaining your pride, you run the risk of destroying everything just to prove a point.

After all, during this new moon, Venus — planet of love and luxury — will also square off with controlling and ruthless Pluto, which may leave you ready to lash out at the first sign of a threat. You might also feel a bit paranoid and confused as Mars — Aries' ruling planet — squares off with disoriented Neptune, making it all the more difficult to trust.

This new moon takes place on April 11 at 10:30 p.m. ET and it may leave earth signs feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Here's why:

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Taurus: You're Feeling Your Emotions And Healing Your Wounds

This new moon has the potential to be an incredibly emotional experience. You may even have strikingly realistic dreams while and intensely vivid daydreams while you're awake. That's because this new moon is activating your 12th house of spirituality, allowing your inner world to bleed through your conscious mind. You may be piecing together some beautifully personal revelations as repressed emotions are unleashed and the process of healing begins. This is not always easy — in fact, it may feel completely overwhelming — but the process will help you release the past.

Virgo: You're Breaking Away From Toxic Cycles In Your Life

It's easy to get trapped into patterns that you know aren't good for you. After all, the devil you know is easier to deal with than the devil you have no knowledge of. However, this new moon may encourage you to begin the process of divesting yourself from projects, relationships, and financial commitments that have been draining your energy and your resources. At first, it may feel like a breakup, but in the long run, you'll feel so much stronger for taking control over your life and investing in something that truly has your best interest at heart.

Capricorn: You're Building A Safe Place For Your Heart To Reside

You may feel incredibly sensitive during this new moon, as though your guards have been lowered and you're feeling everything to the furthest extent. That's because this new moon is putting you in touch with your heart and gifting you with a deeper understanding of what your heart needs in order to feel protected and nurtured. You're a strong, resilient person, but even the toughest people need a situation where they can safely remove their armor and be their vulnerable selves. Let this new moon guide you in the direction your heart wants to take you.