April 2021 Will Be The Worst Month

These 3 Zodiac Signs May Be In For A Difficult Month — But Don't Panic

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The warmth of spring has many energized and ready to charge forward, and with Aries season continuing until mid-April, this energy is vibrant and infectious. With the collective excitedly launching new projects and ideas, there are some zodiac signs that are using this time to quietly regroup and reset. Since different areas of your birth chart come alive based on the houses that are being activated, you can use this knowledge to better understand when to start a new chapter, and when to take it easy. For three zodiac signs, April 2021 will be the worst month to try and get anything new started, but it's the perfect time to reevaluate motivations and push the reset button just in time for summer. If you're one of them, don't panic, because you've been through this transit every year of your life, so it's nothing to be worried about.

Mercury moves into fire sign Aries on April 3, shifting the collective communicative style out of Pisces and into a much bolder, straightforward sign. If you've been holding in any thoughts or ideas, this time is perfect for getting those topics off your chest. Be sure to be mindful of your words though, and try your best to refrain from speaking too soon. Your romantic pursuits will start to take a more reserved, stable turn on April 14, when Venus moves into its sign of rulership, Taurus. Collectively, partnerships may become more solidified after an energetic start while Venus navigated the fiery sign of Aries. On April 19, Taurus season will officially begin, shifting your overall focus to security and comfort in the area of your chart that contains this sign.

As a collective, the shift in the air in April will be palpable. Here's how to best navigate this difficult month if you're a Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius:


Gemini: You're Taking Some Time To Inwardly Reflect

Aries season kicked off by emphasizing your social life and online presence, and on April 6, you'll be eager to form new connections with people whose beliefs align with your own. The social activities you've been enjoying may slow temporarily, as Taurus season asks that you take a moment to withdraw and regroup. When the sun moves into your 12th house on April 19, you'll be inclined to slow down and reassess your mental health and subconscious mind. Take this time to catch up on rest, and unplug from social media if you feel inclined. You absorb the views and opinions of others on a daily, and it's essential to give yourself enough time to process this information while assessing and realigning with your own ideas.

Libra: The Boundaries In Your Love Life Are Asking To Be Reassessed

Aries season has been placing emphasis on your long-term relationships and partnerships, and on April 18, you'll notice some much-needed conversations may come up relating to your romantic dynamics. As Aries season comes to an end on April 19, Taurus season will ask that you take a closer look at the emotional and financial baggage you've possibly become responsible for as a result of these relationships. As the sun moves into your eighth house of shared resources, it'll be important for you to evaluate your relationships on a deeper level, and adjust your personal boundaries accordingly. These conversations aren't always easy, but they're essential in order to maintain healthy relationships with others — something you tend to prioritize.

Sagittarius: Getting Your Daily Habits And Routines In Order Is A Top Priority

Your expansive and optimistic sights have been set on romantic endeavors and creative expression since Aries season began, and on April 13, this area of life will be getting a much-needed nudge in the right direction. However, as the sun shifts into Taurus on April 19, you'll be prompted to roll up your sleeves and do some spring cleaning. You'll be taking a close look at your daily habits and routines, and on April 24, there may be a sudden change in your responsibilities or obligations as Mercury conjoins Uranus, planet of disruptions. This will be a busy month pertaining to your duties, so be sure to pace yourself as you get everything in order.

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