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These 3 Zodiac Signs Love Coordinating Their Halloween Costumes With Their SO

by Valerie Mesa

Halloween is everything, especially when you make it a point to dress up and celebrate with those you love. And there's something utterly adorable about taking things a step further and showing up to an All Hallow's Eve bash in coordinating outfits with your SO. To that end, I say these are the three zodiac signs who love Halloween couples costumes the most, and I highly doubt you'll be surprised: Gemini, Cancer, and Libra.

While matching Halloween costumes isn't everyone's cup of tea, the aforementioned signs really like to go all out with their matchy-matchy garb. Not everyone has the patience to make it work, but you can bet that self-expressive Gemini, emotional Cancer, and romantic Libra are ready and willing to make more than one thing go right on Oct. 31.

If you've been Googling Halloween 2019 couples costumes inspired by Netflix shows or All Hallow's Eve 2019 looks inspired by Instagram, that doesn't necessarily mean you're one of the three zodiac signs who love Halloween couples costumes the most. However, make sure to check your sun and rising sign, because chances are you've got a little bit of Gemini, Cancer, or Libra somewhere in your birth chart.

Without further ado, here are the signs you can expect to coordinate with their loved one on Halloween:

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Gemini: They're Friendly And Like To Have A Good Time

Ruled by curious Mercury, planet of communication and thought process, Geminis are typically light-hearted and easygoing as long as they can roam freely and express themselves via social settings. This mutable air sign can get easily underwhelmed and bored unless they're being mentally stimulated. With that being said, Gemini's multifaceted personality would more than likely appreciate the thought of matching costumes because it will give them a chance to connect with someone in a playful way. Of course, when I say connection, I'm not referring to an emotional connection. Not even close. A Gemini will do it just for fun. Nothing more and nothing less.

Cancer: They Really Appreciate The Emotional Support

Cancers are a bit extra, and they know it. Halloween is supposed to be fun, but for a Cancer, the meaning of fun also revolves around their emotional well-being. If this cardinal water sign feels remotely insecure or concerned about anything at all, their emotions easily suck the fun out of their whole experience. This is precisely why matching costumes is the way to go for this crabby crab. This will not only serve as a type of validation for their choice of attire, it will also make them feel safe. Sounds intense, but water signs don't play. Although, Cancers do tend to feel their best during Scorpio season.

Libras: They Really Couldn't Do It Alone


There's nothing a Libra loves more than being in good company. In love, this cardinal air sign can be incredibly romantic, but they also know a thing or two about making their friends feel extra special. With that being said, Libra is well aware of the fact that it takes two to make a thing a go right, and the same goes for their Halloween costume choices. Whether they plan on making an epic entrance with their significant other, or decide to get their glam on before snapping snazzy photos to post on Instagram, one thing's for sure: Libra knows how to make a statement, but they couldn't do it alone. They'll also stop at nothing to make sure their Halloween partner-in-crime is having the time of their life, too.