13 Halloween Couples Costumes Inspired By Your Favorite Netflix Shows

If you and your SO love dressing up as much as I do, then you know that it's officially time to start brainstorming for your couples costume this Halloween. So many dress-up duos are so overdone, and I take great pride in coordinating a look with my boo every year that is actually original. Forget that old "Netflix and chill" costume — if you want to impress people, topical is the way to go, and there's no better place to look for a pop culture-savvy idea than Netflix. I've put together some Halloween 2019 couples costumes inspired by Netflix shows, and I guarantee that most (if not all) people will be able to appreciate these Netflix power couples.

Some of these are looks that require a little creativity. Some of these are simple costume ideas that require nothing more than what you already own in your closet. Whether you want to keep your budget and your effort low or want to go all out, I've got the perfect Netflix duo for you and your main squeeze. From Sex Education to Big Mouth to GLOW, here are the 13 Netflix couples that can be used as inspo for your 2019 Halloween ensemble.

Ani & Clay — '13 Reasons Why'

Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker may have been the most popular 13 Reasons Why couple costume of 2018, but — love them or hate them — the newest couple at Liberty High is Clay and new girl Ani Achola. These two don't have the most distinct style, but that just means you probably already have the perfect costume hanging in your closet.

Ani usually favors a denim or leather jacket, a silver pendant necklace, her gray backpack, and turtleneck shirts and dresses.

For Clay, all you need is a zip up hoodie, loose-fitting jeans, Converse sneakers, and a brooding expression. You can always wear a Band-Aid on your forehead, too, since Clay always seems to be in recovery from a recent altercation.

Mike & Eleven — 'Stranger Things'

Mike and Eleven may be young, but they're old enough to know that they have feelings for each other (and they also make for the sweetest couple costume).

Season one Eleven was known for rocking a pink dress and blonde wig (as well as a box of Eggo waffles). Season two Eleven had slicked-back hair, kohl-rimmed eyes, and lots of leather. But for Halloween 2019, you'll want to be season three Eleven, who's into oversized flannel shirts and colorful hair scrunchies. Don't forget to add a little fake blood dripping out of your nose.

For Mike Wheeler, you'll want to wear a polo shirt buttoned all the way up to the neck, a thick black wristwatch, and — if you really want to take it to the next level — a dark bowl-cut wig.

Nancy & Jonathan — 'Stranger Things'

As much as I love Steve Harrington and his glorious head of hair, there's no denying that Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers make the better couple (both on-screen and IRL).

Nancy's style is pretty conservative, and you can't go wrong with a turtleneck or cowl neck sweater worn under a fur-lined jacket and high-waisted jeans.

For Jonathan, you'll need an oversized denim or corduroy jacket, light-wash jeans, and a plain T-shirt tucked in. If you really want to sell it, go ahead and grow out your hair so that it hangs in your eyes (and maybe carry around a baseball bat to keep you and Nancy safe from the Demogorgon).

Piper & Alex — 'Orange Is The New Black'

Piper Chapman and Alex Voss may be far from the perfect couple, but there's no denying that they make for a perfect (and pretty easy) couple costume. For both ladies, you just need a white long-sleeved shirt and oversized khaki jumpsuit to wear over it.

Alternatively, you can simply buy an Orange Is the New Black Prisoner Suit Costume complete with name tags, so no one will have to ask who you are. Don't forget Alex's trademark glasses and forearm tattoo.

Lorna & Vince — 'Orange Is The New Black'

If you want to go for a (slightly) more functional OITNB couple costume, Lorna Morello and her pen pal-turned-husband Vince Muccio are one of the few couples who stood the test of (hard) time. Vince's usual go-to visiting day outfit consists of jeans, a plaid shirt, and his gold chain, but I personally think his prison wedding ensemble from season three is the way to go.

For Lorna, you'll need the same long-sleeved white shirt and khaki jumpsuit as Piper and Alex (or an Orange Is the New Black Prisoner Suit Costume), her simple cross necklace, a long white veil, and some bright red lipstick.

Vince requires a maroon vest and bowtie, a tuxedo shirt, a dark suit, and a rose for his pocket. Make sure you're both wearing your name tags!

Elizabeth & Philip — 'The Crown'

Considering that the real-life Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are approaching their 72nd wedding anniversary, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more committed Netflix couple than these two. Sure, you and bae can dress up as 93-year-old Elizabeth and 98-year-old Philip, but you can also take on that sweet moment from The Crown when the young queen gave her husband his new title of prince.

Young Queen Elizabeth can wear a long white gown, long white gloves, a blue sash, and lots of bling (including a sparkly diadem, of course).

You might have a harder time putting together Philip's outfit from clothes you already own, but it's easy enough to find an inexpensive prince costume and royal crown.

Arthie & Yolanda — 'GLOW'

Arthie and Yolanda are GLOW's newest (and, really, only) couple, and their season three Las Vegas showgirl ensembles (and teased '80s hairdos) would make for a fabulous Halloween costume.

You'll need matching bodysuits (pink for Arthie and gold for Yolanda), matching belts (gold for Arthie and pink for Yolanda), and their wild showgirl headpieces, which you can make with a headband and tissue paper. When it come to makeup, don't hold back — more is more!

Otis & Ola — 'Sex Education'

Otis Milburn may have no idea what he's doing with his first girlfriend, but he and Ola Nyma from Sex Education can give you a great idea for your couples Halloween costume.

For Otis, you'll need his trademark beige, red, and blue parachute jacket worn over a striped shirt with corduroy pants.

For Ola, get yourself a rainbow-striped shirt, denim overalls, and lots of layered necklaces. Both of you should fill your pockets with condoms if you really want to play it safe.

Jessica And Luke From 'Jessica Jones'

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage may have a slightly tumultuous relationship, but they are always consistent when it comes to their outfits (and their shared love of all things dark and leather).

You'll usually find Jessica wearing a dark-colored zip-up under a leather jacket with light-wash jeans, and Luke similarly wears a dark V-neck T-shirt under a leather jacket with dark-wash jeans. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you like and sticking to it! If you really want to sell yourself as Jessica, put on some red lipstick, too.

Sheila & Joel — 'Santa Clarita Diet'

Sheila and Joel Hammond may look like your average middle-aged, suburban, married couple — and aside from Shelia's appetite for human flesh, they pretty much are. You can pay tribute to the (very unfortunate) end of this series by taking on the Hammonds, whose nondescript outfits will be easy to put together.

Sheila tends to wear long, loose cardigans over plain T-shirts with jeans, and Joel can usually be found in a casual button-up with jeans. Of course, to make it clear who you and your partner are, you'll need fake blood, and lots of it. Have some dripping out of Sheila's mouth and onto her shirt, and give Joel some yellow rubber gloves for cleaning up her messes.

Andrew & Missy — 'Big Mouth'

Big Mouth's Andrew and Missy are, in a word, awkward, which is what makes them so delightful. Though they know how they feel about each other, they don't always know how to express it — but luckily, dressing up as them is very straightforward.

Andrew can always be found wearing a long-sleeved collared green shirt, jeans, and thick-framed black glasses, and you can complete the look by drawing on a little wispy mustache.

For Missy, you'll need a yellow T-shirt, matching yellow headband, and overalls. Bonus points if you carry around a stuffed worm doll that looks like Missy's beloved Wiggles.

Connie & Maurice — 'Big Mouth'

When you put two raging Hormone Monsters together, it's inevitable that sparks are going to fly. Though dressing up as Connie and Maurice may get a little hot (and not in a particularly sexy way), wearing all that fur will be worth all the laughs you'll get.

If you and your partner are feeling lazy, you can invest in matching Hormone Monster and Hormone Monstress T-shirts. Tada — instant costume!

If you're feeling ambitious, you can invest in a monkey onesie, horns, and a long red wig to transform yourself into Connie. For Maurice, you'll need a long-sleeved greenish-brown shirt, a single horn, and a ton of brown fur to create Maurice's arm fur, tail, and big head of hair.

Jake & Pam — 'Big Mouth'

Are Jake and Pam the most traditional couple? No, probably not, considering Pam is an inanimate object. But love is love, and these two certainly feel something for each other, as atypical as it may be. Plus, they may just make for the best Netflix couple costume of all time.

Jake's go-to outfit is a white T-shirt, black vest, and purple jeans with spiked hair. For Pam, you can take the easy way out and carry around a pillow with eyes and lips drawn on it all night (or, better yet, a pillow with a Pam pillowcase).

But if you're up for a challenge, turn yourself into a giant pillow instead. Sew a white sheet on three sides into a giant pillowcase, give yourself some leg holes and arm holes, stuff it with fiberfill, and use velcro to close the top. Don't forget to add a face!

What are you waiting for? Turn off the Netflix, grab your SO, and start planning!