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10 Simple Couples Costumes For Halloween 2019

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It's the night of your best friend's Halloween party, and somehow, despite your best efforts, you totally dropped the pumpkin. As the minutes tick on, you realize that you don't have the snack you promised you'd bring. You didn't download that "Spooky Songs" Spotify playlist. And as you frantically text your partner, you remember that neither of you thought of a couples costume. As you stress-eat a dozen and a half "fun-sized" chocolate bars, you wonder: Are there are any simple couples costumes for Halloween 2019 that require nothing more than my own clothes? (Spoiler alert: Yes! Yes, there are.)

From pop culture references to your favorite TV shows, there are plenty of easy couples costumes that don't require any extra shopping. Whether you're secretly not into Halloween and dread putting an outfit together, or you live for Oct. 31 but didn't have the time to dress up, a costume using your own clothes can be everything from super silly to totally stress-free. Though buying wigs and capes or going all out can be fun, using what you've got can go a long way, too.

Here are 10 simple couples costumes idea that won't require any extra Halloween shopping.


Lana Del Rey's "Norman F*cking Rockwell"

If your boo has a black shirt and you own a windbreaker (or really anything light green) and some hoop earrings, go as the cover of Lana Del Rey's latest record, Norman F*cking Rockwell.

Nadia & John From 'Russian Doll'

Though you may want to spring for a curly red wing (or maybe you've been touched by an angel and have Natasha Lyonne's hair IRL), dressing up as Nadia from Russian Doll just means wearing something black and pairing it with a gold necklace. If your boo wants to dress up as John, a plain or plaid button-down and khakis will do the trick.

Hannah Brown & Any Of 'The Bachelorette 15' Contestants

Though this season gave you a ton to work with, dressing up Hannah B. and a 'Bachelorette' contestant (maybe not Jed) could be fire. If you're feeling spicy, you can wear an evening gown or an otherwise fancy outfit you may have in the back of your closet. All you need is a red rose. If you're going for a date look, have your partner dress up in jeans and a T-shirt. However, if you're going for an elimination night look, a nice suit can work.

Sandy & Danny From 'Grease'
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If you and your boo both have a black top and black pants, you're ready to do the twist at Rydell High all night long, baby. Though a pair of hoop earrings and platform sandals will really seal the "Baddy Sandy" look, an all-black ensemble will be perfect as is. Have your date gel back their hair to add some extra pizazz.

Ashlyn Harris & Ali Krieger
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If you're looking for something comfy, go as Ashlyn Harris & Ali Krieger of the World Cup-winning, United States women's national soccer team. Though white shorts and a white T-shirt might be an ideal "game day" lewk, any pair of gym shorts and a comfy top will do.

Chip & Joanna Gaines From 'Fixer Upper'

The Gaines aren't just a power couple — they're a power tool couple. Though carrying a measuring tape or a hammer will really add to the Fixer Upper vibe, all you need to do is dress relaxed. Jeans, flannels, plain shirts, ball caps, and boots will all do wonders to set the tone. Bonus points for a Canadian tuxedo.

Ross & Rachel From 'Friends'
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This one is fun! You can dress up as early seasons Rachel in a mini skirt and a crop-top, later seasons Ralph Lauren Rachel in a power suit or work clothes, or all seasons Rachel in jeans and a tank top. For Ross, ask your date to wear a sweater and jeans or a button-down with a tie.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry
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To look regal this Oct. 31, you and your boo only need to own earth tones. Have your date wear a suit, while you dress up in something conservative, in navy, black, or tan. If you don't have a tea-length dress, a long-sleeved shirt and skirt will work well, too.

Each Other!
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You may already share clothes with your partner (read: You may steal a bunch of their sweatpants), so going as each other for Halloween can be a super silly way to connect.

Getting ready for a costume party can be stressful! Though buying a new 'fit can be exciting, styling your clothes in new ways can be its own type of fun. Whether you're ballin' on a budget, or you ran out of time this Halloween season, picking a couples costume from your closet can be a super sweet trick and treat.

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