Milk Makeup Just Dropped Face Mask Sticks & Cooling Eye Gels As The Ultimate Way To Chill Post-Holidays

Holidays are undoubtedly fun, but that's not to say they aren't also stressful and overwhelming. I'm not being a Negative Nancy, I'm just saying I have stress-induced acne coating my face because I'm rushing to ensure my friends and family love their gifts, so my skin isn't exactly at its best during the month of December. Fortunately, some brands know this struggle, and cater to it by releasing appropriate products — Milk Makeup's new Clay Mask Sticks and Cooling Water Eye Patches, for example, are exactly the complexion-reviving saviours I'm in need of. The brand took to their Instagram to drop three new products just in time for the holiday craziness, and you bet your bottom dollar I'm gifting them all to myself, because after the next few weeks, my skin is deserves the chance to regroup.

Milk Makeup is somewhat known for their stick formulas, which make swiping on everything from toner to primer to highlighter a breeze, and now they've created face masks in their signature shape, utilizing two major players in the 2018 skincare ingredient game: watermelon and matcha. In addition to two face masks, they've also announcd an extra-special treat for those of us battling under eye bags and morning puffiness.

Thanks to Milk, none of us will have to worry about starting off 2019 with stressed-out skin. Behold the newness in all its ultra-chill glory:

Gracing our faces very, very soon are two new clay masks, the Watermelon Brightening Face Mask ($24, and the Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask ($24,, packaged in vibrant pink and minty green stick-shaped packaging, respectively. The Brightening Mask contains watermelon fruit extract to hydrate, Swiss garden cress sprout to brighten and even tone, vitamins C and E to protect skin against free radicals, and Matrixyl to enhance skin's elasticity and promote a smoother texture. On the other hand, the Detoxifying mask utilizes matcha green tea to purify, kombucha and witch hazel to absorb oil and minimize the look of pores, and organic cactus elixir to soothe redness and hydrate.

While I assumed Milk opted for stick-shaped masks because they're downright adorable, it turns out it also has a lot to do with the super-efficient formulas. According to the Milk Makeup site, the mask sticks are highly concentrated, so you don't need to slap on a ton of product like you might with other face masks, but you'll reap the same amount of benefits. The masks also only need to be worn for five to 10 minutes at most, so swiping them on via a stick allows for an overall fast process. Milk recommends using their masks two to three times a week at most, but also says thay can be used as spot treatments when needed.

The third new product dropping is all about the under eye area. The Cooling Water Eye Patches ($22, are a new style of product for the brand, and users can apply these "Chill Out"-covered masks directly underneath the eyes for sweet relief. Seriously, nothing feels better than an eye mask after a long day, not to mention first thing in the morning to combat puffiness after a bad night's sleep. These patches in particular contain natural seawater, aloe, and lavender soothe the sensitive skin in this area and provide intense hydration. They also utilize caffeine, which supports microcirculation, to really wake up the skin, making them a great pick for AM application. You only need to wear them for 10 to 15 minutes to reap the benefits, so here's a pro tip from you to me: When your first alarm goes off in the AM, reach over to your bedside table, grab these babies and slap them on. Sleep for another 15 minutes with these patches working your magic, and by the time your final alarm goes off, your under eye area will be appropriately de-puffed and ready to start the day. Thank me later.

All three new products are available now on the Milk Makeup website, and they'll drop on Sephora's site and in stores on December 26. Kudos to you if you can wait that long, but my skin needed a good detox, like, the second Thanksgiving dinner ended, so it's safe to say I'll be stocking up on enough eye gels and face masks to get me to 2019 without any breakouts (or breakdowns) standing in my way.