This Unexpected Beauty Product Is The Perfect Fix For Puffy, Tired Eyes

You may have heard using white eyeliner can help you look more awake.

While that can work just fine, we have an even better tip.

If you're a girl who doesn't wear that much makeup, you're going to love this switch up.

It's a simple move. Instead of using a white liner, which can feel a little too bright, grab a nude or cream eyeliner instead.

Let's test this theory out.

First, apply a white eyeliner to the lower waterline on the left eye.

Be sure to keep the eyeliner on the inside of your waterline only. If you get it onto your eyelashes, they'll look like they have white snowflakes on them.

Not cute.

The white eyeliner gives an immediate punch of color that's easy to spot. It's not the smartest move, especially if you're aiming for a more natural finish.

Now, put nude to the test.

On your right eye, apply a nude pencil (we used MAC's Conceal and Correct) to the same area.

It's undeniably a better choice, especially compared to the high contrast of the white.

The results are in.

See how the cream eyeliner on the left brightens but still has a soft finish?

The side with the white eyeliner is much more obvious, making the look more drastic.

Now you know.

Try this trick the next time you have a few too many at happy hour. No one will ever guess your secret.