11 Matcha-Infused Beauty Products Under $50 That'll Give Your Skin The Ultimate Wakeup Call

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of Milk Makeup // Stocksy/Hung Quach

If you've ever ordered a matcha latte instead of coffee as a way to switch up your morning caffeine fix, then you're probably familiar with the smooth, yet powerful sense of energy you feel after sipping on the satisfying green tea drink. After all, matcha is the highest quality green tea available, and not only does drinking it provide way more nutritional benefits than coffee when it comes to your insides, but the strong antioxidant also provides a long list of benefits for your outsides, too. In fact, you've probably noticed matcha-infused beauty products starting to flood the shelves of your favorite beauty retailers because of all of the ways your skin can benefit from it.

Just like snaps of the trendy green drink can spruce up your Instagram feed, there's a slew of light green skincare products containing matcha that will spruce up both your selfie and beauty shelf. Whether you're eating it, drinking it, or applying it to your skin, matcha serves as an ultra-powerful antioxidant, which helps to slow down or even prevent damage to cells that would otherwise speed up the cell's aging process.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, matcha contains loads of a powerful antioxidant called EGCG, which helps to hydrate, reduce fine lines and fight off acne-causing bacteria when applied to the skin. Finally, the skincare agent is able to reduce inflammation considering it's also a source of caffeine. So, whether you're experiencing puffy eyes from lack of sleep or from bawling your eyes out while binge-watching This Is Us, slathering a matcha-infused beauty product onto your skin afterward will definitely help to keep the red puffiness at bay.

So, now that you know how the powerful source of caffeine works to treat your skin, read on to find out which products you should purchase to soak up all of these benefits — and all for under 50 bucks, at that.

Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser

Milk Makeup's Matcha Cleanser is like the new-age (and way more convenient) alternative to using a bar of soap to wash your face. After removing makeup, apply the easy-to-use stick to damp skin in a circular motion, then rinse. The infusion of matcha in the stick helps to detoxify, exfoliate, and purify skin, while the lavender-purified waters soothes and calms irritated skin.

H2O+ Aquadefense Shielding Matcha Facial Essence

H2O+ Beauty's Aquadefense face mist uses matcha as a literal shield to not only set makeup, but to protect the skin from environmental pollutants and damaging free radicals as well. What's more is the inclusion of rice bran extract, containing vitamin E, minerals, and fatty acids, which helps to moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of pores with each spritz. The best part? The hydrating mist can be used all day long to freshen up your look and leaves skin feeling moisturized and not at all sticky.

PLANT Apothecary Matcha Antioxidant Face Mask

PLANT Apothecary's Matcha Antioxidant Face Mask was designed to detoxify and protect your skin from environmental stressors, while simultaneously calming already irritated skin. To use most effectively, mix a teaspoon of this powdery face mask with a few drops of water to create a paste that will leave your skin feel oh-so-rejuvenated.

Boscia Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask

Any mask that promises amazing results AND amazing Instagram content via fun mask selfies is a Grade-A mask in my book — and Boscia's Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask does just that. The mask is packed with powerful antioxidants that improve the skin's texture, fight off (and prevent) damage from environmental stressors, AND improve the appearance of fine lines. But don't just take my word for it — check out an even more in-depth review of Boscia's magical matcha mask here.

First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Caffeine Matcha Makeup Wipes

I'll be the first to admit that I can get a bit lazy when it comes to removing my makeup after a long day. That's why I am always on the hunt for cleansing wipes that not only remove my makeup, but provide other skincare benefits as well. Lucky for me (and my skin) First Aid Beauty's Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes effectively remove every trace of makeup, and, thanks to the infusion of matcha, help to revive the skin and remove any skin irritants, all with just a few swipes of a cloth.

Origins RitualiTea Matcha Madness Revitalizing Powder Face Mask with Matcha & Green Tea

Origins' RitualiTea mask provides rejuvenated, even-toned complexion for pretty much any skin type. The powdery green mask should be mixed with water and applied to the face, and after 10 minutes, your skin should feel plump and dewy, creating the perfect base for a flawless makeup application.

SheaMoisture BeautyHack Matcha Green Tea Shot

SheaMoisture's Matcha Green Tea Shot is to your skincare routine as a matcha green tea latte is to your morning routine: a smooth, refueling shot of energy. The powdery shot can be mixed with water to be used as a revitalizing mask for your face, blended with coconut oil to be used as a detoxifying mask for your hair, or combined with your daily moisturizer to help fight off free radicals throughout the day.

The Body Shop Recipes of Nature Japanese Matcha Tea Mask

If you're not yet sold on the idea of using a face mask that is infused with matcha, allow The Body Shop's Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask to convince you. This creamy, vegan mask deeply purifies the skin, without dehydrating it, to remove long-standing buildup, as well as daily impurities.

Pacifica Berry Matcha Recharge Face Lotion

Pacifica's ultra-lightweight Berry Matcha Recharge Face Lotion uses matcha to keep skin feeling ready to go in any situation. It also contains natural extracts, super fruits, and coconut water for long-lasting hydration as the last step in your skincare routine.

Becca Cosmetics Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer

No matter what kind of coverage your concealer offers, sometimes, there's no covering up puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. For those instances, Becca Cosmetics' Anti-Fatigue Eye Primer is a velvety-smooth primer that uses matcha green tea and cucumber to calm and smooth the surface around the eyes. This creates the perfect base for concealer, so your makeup will never look cake-y if you don't want it to.

Winky Lux Matcha Lip Balm

To round out this list of matcha beauty products, Winky Lux's Matcha Lip Balm promises to hydrate and rejuvenate your pout. While the stick itself is green, the balm actually goes on clear and (of course) contains matcha vitamin C to revive and moisturize even the driest lips.