Max Ehrich Compared His Breakup With Demi Lovato To Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson

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If you've followed the whirlwind romance between Demi Lovato and her now ex-fiancé Max Ehrich, you know there ~might~ be some bad blood by now. While the relationship was full of happiness and adorable IG posts throughout the summer, the sudden breakup has been pretty messy. In case it couldn't get any more confusing or heartbreaking for those that shipped the pair, now Max Ehrich's video accusing Demi Lovato of using him made the breakup drama even worse.

Lovato and Ehrich — who got engaged on July 22 after four months of dating — called it quits on Sept. 24. The split was reportedly unbeknownst to Ehrich, who claimed to have heard about it through the media, but other reports claim he may not being truthful about that. On Friday, Oct. 2, Ehrich took to Instagram Live and brought up the end of their engagement. While he didn't call Lovato out by name, he made some serious accusations that she used him.

"Stop using me as a pawn and a PR stunt. Stop," he said. It seems he was specifically addressing the Confident singer and Lovatics. "Stop breaking into my Airbnb. Stop harassing me. Stop harassing my mom, my family, the people around me — to 'scare' us," he continued. "Just like, make art. I'll support you."

The former Young and the Restless star continued to say he still admires her, but also said the reports were fake news. "You're all great, you're awesome. Literally just like, leave me alone. And stop using your millions of dollars to write false, fake news about me."

Ehrich didn't express who he was addressing, so it remains unclear if he was discussing members of the media or calling out Lovato and accusing her of inciting the reportedly "fake news." He continued, "I'm a person. I'm a living, breathing person with feelings, with blood in my arms. If y'all wanna villainize me, literally say whatever you wanna say at this point."

As Ehrich continued to rant, he brought up Ariana Grande's relationship with Pete Davidson. At the time of their split, Grande her relationship with Davison was "frivolous and fun," "unrealistic," and "an amazing distraction," while Davidson clapped back, taking offense. Ehrich brought a parallel to how Davidson was treated in the media following the split from Grande, specifically after Grande released music inspired by the breakup.

"It's just the craziest thing," Ehrich said. "This is the most bizarre experience that I hope no one ever has to experience, ever. 'Cause no person deserves to feel this way. Pete Davidson didn't deserve to feel this way."

"Open your eyes. It's a calculated PR stunt," he continued, before adding, "My team's going to hate me for saying any of this." He followed up by saying he's not "controlled" by the media or his team. "I'm here to just share my truth, and I think people deserve that," he said. "It's 2020. We've all been through enough stuff to let the media manipulate how we all feel and how we all think, so I'm just gonna be real — and I'll deal with the repercussions later."

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Near the end of his stream, Ehrich said, "I was in love. The whole world should frickin' know it. I thought I found the real deal. Now I found out that I was used." Referencing Lovato's latest single, "Still Have Me," which is widely believed to be inspired by the breakup, he finished up his rant by saying, "I hope the song's No. 1 because, you know what, if that's what someone wants in the material world — here you go, you have it. I hope this makes you happy. Enjoy. You just lost someone who loved you fully, completely, infinitely, for everything."

It appears Lovato expressed concern after his Instagram Live on Oct. 2, because she posted a tweet about having a hard time sleeping. "I should be sleeping but life can be hard and weird and keeps me awake sometimes," she wrote.

"BUT I’m so glad I checked my mentions. Your support has me in literal tears. Thank you guys so much... I’m beyond grateful for your love - I LOVE YOU," Lovato said.

Fans can only hope the breakup drama is finally going to be put to rest, because it's definitely gotten way wilder than anyone expected.