Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone's Astrological Compatibility Is Spicy

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A relationship between two passionate, artistic types sounds intense, even without the zodiac throwing interesting dynamics into the mix. But looking at Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone's astrological compatibility, you'll find a couple who can thank the stars for their ardent, whirlwind, unconventional romance. Born on June 16, 1997, up-and-coming model/actress Morrone is a Gemini. (The season of the twins is May 21 through June 21.) DiCaprio, the long-standing heartthrob of Gen X and millennial dreams was born on Nov. 11, 1974. This makes him a Scorpio. (The season of the scorpion starts on Oct. 23 and ends on Nov. 22.)

These signs may seem odd together: Geminis are bold, talkative, and sociable, while Scorpios are secretive, sulky, and often described as "anti-social." Admittedly, their first impressions of each other can be a recipe for disaster. The wall-flower water sign might bristle at this loud, brash, life-of-the-party air sign — or this air sign might find this water sign a drag. But if a Gemini-Scorpio duo looks past first impressions, they might be in for a hot and heavy treat. DiCaprio and Morrone have reportedly been together since late 2017, proving that these two signs certainly can click and thrive.

They're Both Emotional, But In Different Ways


The more Gems and Scorpios get to know each other, the more they can get into the idea of being each other's confidantes. Geminis often have a duality to them (that's why they're known as the twins). While there are many thoughts, feelings, and opinions they'd share with anyone who'd listen, Gems still have some things they keep close to their chest.

Scorpios can totally relate, because they prefer to bottle up their feelings instead of sharing them. So, DiCaprio is likely a pretty good listener and can offer Morrone the right emotional support.

On the other hand, in astrologer Annabel Gat's book The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide, she writes, "Being around the twins forces Scorpio to realize that they've got to make some changes and that it's time too face their fears." As the Gemini partner, Morrone probably helps DiCaprio open up more and get in tune with his emotions.

They're Probably Never Bored In The Bedroom

No disrespect, but just look at the material. Scorpios' reputation as the sexual sign precedes them. Likewise, Geminis are known for their flirtiness. If a Gemini-Scorpio couple have a bit of a cat-and-mouse thing going on, that playful nature probably extends to the bedroom.

In her book, Gat writes, "In bed, Gemini's versatility and Scorpio's passion make for a powerful combination. This could be an intense one-night stand, and if they're in it for the long haul, they'll be surprised at how they're both able to keep things fresh."

They're Both Very Clever

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Geminis are definitely brainiacs, so, based on her zodiac sign, Morrone would value a partner who could keep up with her. Being the quiet, reserved sign that he is, DiCaprio probably takes care to always read, research and observe first before jumping in — a quality that a smart-but-impulsive Gemini would be attracted to.

"When connecting with Scorpio, Gemini would be wise to tap into their inner artist and their luxurious side," Gat writes. "Scorpio should show how intellectual and well-traveled they are to impress witty Gemini."

Safe to say, from their head, to the heart, to maybe even how they interact in the bedroom, DiCaprio and Morrone look like an astrologically intense but exciting fit.

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