5 Things To Know About Sex With Air Signs That'll Get You Hot & Bothered

If you're dating an air sign (Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini), you're probably no stranger to their quick wit, knack for knowledge, and glowing popularity. Whether you're just flirting or still in the "talking phase," there are several things to know about sex with air signs that you might not realize until after you hook up. Take it from a Libra who's been dating a Gemini for years: When it comes to sex, an air sign will always keep you on their toes.

Air signs are known for being intellectuals, which will probably be clear when your Libra f*ck buddy asks you all for all the details about your kinks and turn-ons. Geminis have a reputation for being flighty in every aspect of their lives, sex included. They also tend to go wherever the wind takes them and because of this, they can be lots of fun in bed.

And last but not least, Aquarians. Similar to Libras, they crave connection, and like Geminis, they love to have fun. But unlike the other air signs, Aquarians have a hard time opening up to potential partners. When they finally do, they let their freak flag fly. Here are five other things you should know if you're getting hot and heavy with an air sign partner.

They Love Dirty Talk
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You probably already know how much talking goes into dating an air sign. Air signs are chatty and love to process everything out loud. Naturally, when it comes to sex, they have the gift of gab.

Yes, air signs are wonderfully communicative about what they want in bed, what they'd like to do to you, and their hot takes on every kink you can imagine. But more than that, air signs love a good dirty-talk session. Being talkative in bed is the quickest way to turn an air sign on.

They Probably Have An Exhibitionist Kink

Air signs tend to be into "exhibitionism," meaning they get turned on by the idea of being watched during sex. They're either the life of the party (in a Libra's case), the center of attention (in a Gemini's case), or aloof but secretly yearning for the spotlight (an Aquarian's case).

In fact, a 2018 survey from sex toy company Lovehoney found Geminis believe "sex should be fun." For air signs, nothing sounds more fun than the drama and thrill of getting caught having sex in public.

If your air sign bae doesn't suggest hooking up against a hotel window or in a secluded spot in the woods, expect gratuitously flirty Twitter replies or Instagram comments from them on the reg.

They Have A Playful Streak
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Air signs like to mess with their partners. This could be by tantalizing you with sexy texts while you're in class or at work, playing footsy with you at dinner, or sliding you a "meet me in the bathroom" text while you're both out with friends.

In particular, Aquarians tend to be "exciting" and "unpredictable" when it comes to sex, according to Lovehoney. So expect your air sign hookup buddy" to sext you promises of what you two will get up to later — perhaps, even with a visual.

They Like Making Love

Libras, Aquarians, and Geminis love to play all kinds of sexy games. But they also like to be reminded that their partners genuinely love them. Geminis like being reminded that they have someone with whom they can be intimate, without having to perform.

Even though they're free-spirited, Aquarians have a hard time opening up to people. Sex with someone they can finally trust can keep them emotionally and physically grounded and bring their head out of the clouds.

Libras are all about tenderness, and put lots of effort into making their partners feel loved. Lovehoney found that Libras tend to be "easy-going and creative lovers," and usually believe that "sex is all about sharing and connecting." Libras also love to be appreciated for all the hard work they do in making you feel good. They crave balance, after all.

Sex Is Important To Them
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Whether you're casually hooking up with a Gemini or have been making love to your Aquarian partner for years, you'll find out early on that sex is important to air signs. That's not say that sex is the end-all, be-all, but it really can be a priority for some.

Sex encompasses all the things that air signs love: exploration, learning, communication, and of course, human connection. You can count on air signs to treat both their friends with benefits and their one-night stands with not just with respect and dignity, but gentleness and warmth, too.

Air signs constantly make for dynamic sexual partners. Going to bed with them means equal parts kink and cuddle, and of course, the comfort of knowing you'll always have a special place in their heart.