Kim K Just Posted A Pic With Light Green Hair & Here's Why You Have Déjà Vu About It

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashians (and pretty much all female celebs at this point) change up their hair with wigs so regularly now, it hardly feels like news when a new 'do pops up on the 'Gram. But while faux bangs and fake bobs no longer make me do a double take, I'm still a sucker for anytime one of my favorite starlettes goes bold and rocks a fantasy hair color. As a proud Kim K stan, of course, Kim Kardashian's green hair in her Instagram post today certainly got my attention, but if you kinda feel like the photo is giving you déjà vu, you're not losing your mind — I'm 99 percent sure it's not current. If you'd like to hear my theory, read on for some serious detective work by way of Instagram stalking, but either way, know this: Current or not, this minty shade is officially my new favorite summertime hair color.

When it comes to hair color, Kardashian is relatively reserved. She loves to embrace her long, dark, Armenian locks, and while she did hit the bleach once to try out life as a platinum blonde — even taking millennial pink for a spin while her strands were light enough to do so — she's pretty much always got her signature raven locks intact, so I'm pretty quick to spot any changes.

To be fair, though, this change would've been hard for anyone to miss:

Major, major mermaid vibes, am I right? The photo, which shows off some sea foam green strands, has already garnered over a million likes in just six hours, and fans are supporting the shade with comments like "Amazing color 💚" and "Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ vibes ✨✨✨." And don't get me wrong, here — I love this shade on Kim. I literally think she can pull off anything, and I've spent half my time as a writer defending that belief. I'm not saying the look is bad, I'm just saying I don't think it's new!

Am I the only one who noticed that this is most likely a throwback from her KKW Fragrance Kimoji Hearts photoshoot?

KKW Fragrance

It looks a little light in the final shot above, but let's look back on the BTS Instagram Stories, shall we?

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Ha! Caught you red-handed (Or green-wigged?), Kimmie! I really think this pic is an undisclosed thowback to the photoshoot two months ago, at which she matched three wigs to her three newest Kimoji Hearts perfumes. A great concept, I must say.

And judging by her current Instagram Story from last night's sister gathering, it's safe to say my girl is currently brunette:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Case closed, people! That said, I'm so here for this shade taking over Summer 2019 as the It Girl hair color. It's like a beachier take on Gaga's Golden Globes powder blue, and it's practically begging for a beach wave and some sea salt spray. Maybe Kim just wanted to make sure we didn't miss it the first time, so we'd be up to date on the blossoming hair trend? She's considerate like that. Or maybe she just wanted to show off how bomb she looked that day — either way, she has my full support.