The New KKW Fragrance Kimoji Hearts Drop Tomorrow & Will Satisfy Your Sweetest Craving

KKW Beauty

Chances are that gigantic versions of those iconic Valentine's Day heart candies have once again saturated your feeds, seeing as a certain beauty mogul is releasing an all-new collection of perfumes housed in them. When do the new KKW Fragrance Kimoji Hearts drop? The quick answer is tomorrow, but pay attention because there's a lot more to this sweet release than that.

In case you've somehow missed the news, Kim Kardashian will be releasing three new Kimoji Heart fragrances just in time for Valentine's Day. If you've been a fan of KKW Fragrance for awhile then you'll remember when the brand released the three original Kimoji Heart scents—Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die—last February, only to see them sell out in four days, much to the disappointment of fans. If your heart is still set on one of the original scents then your day is about to be made because Kardashian will be re-releasing them this year along with the new offerings. Best V-Day ever? To ensure that you don't miss your chance at snagging a bottle this time around, here's everything you need to know about their release:

As revealed via the KKW Beauty Instagram account, the fragrances will drop tomorrow, January 30, exclusively at the KKW Beauty pop-up shop at Los Angeles' South Coast Plaza shopping center. If you're in the area, make double sure that you get there early because the first 500 customers will receive a free gift with the purchase of any of the Kimoji Hearts. Free swag and early access to one of the most anticipated beauty drops of the month? Cali people, you're lucking out. If you don't live on the West Coast, the new fragrances will be launching online at KKW Fragrance's website on Thursday, January 31, at 12pm PST.

So, what are the scents actually like? Indulge in a refresher on the OG Kimoji Hearts, and read all about each of the three new ones below.

KKW Fragrance

First up is Baby Girl ($30,, which is described as a "sultry yet flirtatious floral citrus fragrance that glimmers with a magnetic charm." A bright citrus scent mixes with notes of peony, jasmine, and muguet, while light musks and amber round the scent out.

KKW Fragrance

KKW Baddie ($30, is a floral scent with strong notes of warm musk. It boasts "top notes of sun drenched palm trees," a "rich bouquet of wild rose, iris, and geranium," and "heady woods and soft musks." It's described as being "ultra-addictive"—this might be the one to wear on Valentine's Day, no?

KKW Fragrance

And lastly, there's Wifey ($30,, which I can only assume was concocted based on Kardashian's personal favorite scents. It begins with a citrus duo of yuzu and pomelo, complimented by the "freshness of violet leaves." Floral notes of magnolia, dewy freesia, and mimosa add additional floral notes, and whipped caramel and creamy musks finish things off extra sweetly.

Each fragrance sounds absolutely divine, and while none of them will come packaged in a giant chocolate heart like you saw all over social media, they're guaranteed to be the sweetest thing you could treat yourself to this Valentine's Day.