The New KKW Candy Hearts Fragrances Come In A Huge Chocolate Heart — But Only For A Select Few

Remember when Kim Kardashian West teased us with behind-the-scenes shots from a photoshoot regarding a new launch coming soon? It seems 'soon' has officially arrived, as the beauty mogul has announced the return of her three wildly popular KKW Kimoji Hearts Fragrances, plus three new scents to enjoy this Valentine's Day, and forever more if you buy enough bottles to last you. Last time around, my Instagram and Snapchat Stories were absolutely flooded with celebs posting about recieving the fragrances, which begs the question now: do the new KKW Fragrances come in chocolate hearts, too?

In case you don't recall this record-breaking moment in fragrance history, last year KKW Fragrance promoted the three original Kimoji Hearts fragrances, Bae, BFF, and Ride Or Die, by sending out small wooden hammers and hollow chocolate hearts with the perfume bottles themselves hidden inside. It was reported that Kardashian sent certain scents to certain stars depending on their relationships, and everyone who's anyone got sent a heart in the mail, from her beloved sisters to celebs she's openly beefed with, like Chloe Grace Moretz and even Taylor Swift. Kim K knows lovers and haters are necessary when making a product go viral, and her marketing plan totally succeeded, bcause the internet was obsessed, and everyone rushed to buy their own bottles the second they hit the KKW Fragrance site.

This year, she's back with not just the original trio, but three new scents to choose from. Introducing Baddie, Wifey, and Baby Girl:

KKW Fragrance

I'm interested in learning more about how the actual scents smell, but my number one question has more to do with the now-infamous packaging. Will I be getting my own chocolate heart and miniature hammer? A The KKW Instagram account has already reposted quite a few Instagram Stories of people opening up their packages and taking a crack at their hearts to get their hands on the perfumes. Lucky receivers so far have included sisters Khloé, Kourtney, and Kylie, of course, along with Kardashian-Jenner makeup artist Ariel Tejada, Wildflower Cases co-founder Devon Carlson, KNC Beauty founder Kristen Noel Crawley, model, actress, and artist Nazanin Mandi Pimentel, Canadian TV personality Olivia Pierson, In Rainbows Mag content creator Madison Chertow, and Sophie Shab of Instagram's @TrendMood1.

Everyone seemed super excited to get their hands on these new scents, and I was so, so jealous:

KKW Fragrance/Instagram

While it might seem like everyone but you (and me) is getting a chocolate heart in the mail, it's actually a pretty exclusive list. Based on last year's send-outs, we can safely assume that they'll only be mailed to family, friends, a few choice influencers, some high-tier journalists, and perhaps even a handful of haters, if Kardashian is still feeling shady. That's my girl! The rest of us will have to live vicariously through the Instagram Stories and Snapchat posts, but can snag the perfumes on the KKW Fragrance site when they drop online on January 31 at noon PST.

If you're California-based and able to attend the South Coast Plaza pop-up shop on January 30, you might get the chance to snag these scents one day earlier:

Judging by last year's success, I've got a feeling all six of the Kimoji Hearts fragrances will be selling out this year. If you're reading this, Kim, and you have any extra chocolate hearts left over, feel free to mail one my way. Alternatively, if you're a celeb hater that got sent one and refuse to wear it, please DM me and I will definitely buy it off you. Thx.