Kim Kardashian Rocked 3 Different Hair Colors All In One Day & TBH, They All Looked Damn Good

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At this point, seeing a Kardashian rock a bold wig is hardly newsworthy. I feel like Kim and Kylie, even more so than their other sisters, change up their hair on an almost-weekly basis, always returning back to their signature dark locks after some time. What is unusual, though, is seeing them switch up their looks multiple times in one day, which is why Kim Kardashian’s pink, blue, & yellow wigs on Instagram really caught my eye. In a span of two hours, Kim K hit us with not one, not two, but three fire looks, all topped off with different cotton candy-colored wigs.

No matter how much she loves a particular look, Kardashian is almost always onto the next big thing as soon as she can be. She's also the master of the quick change; need we reminisce on the day she wore nine different Yeezy outfits in under 24 hours to promote her hubby's newest launches? Exactly. This time around, though, she changed up not only her outfit, but her hair and makeup as well, and managed to serve three iconic looks in one Instagram Story. That has to be some sort of record, right?

Lately, Kim has been loving super long, wavy strands:

In fact, she hasn't deviated from this style in quite some time:

Cue her most recent Instagram Stories, in which Kim stuck to the wavy style, but did so in a pastel shade of pink:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

And then again, in a beautiful seafoam blue:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

And then a third time, in a buttery, yellow blonde:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Is this the wig trifecta? I say yes. "Playing with fun hair today," says Kim in one of the videos. "I have a really cute shoot coming up, I can't wait for you guys to see it."

"What do you guys think it is?" Kim asks her followers, and honestly, IDK girl. Moments beforehand, she posted a bunch of Yeezy footwear, and it appears she's wearing Yeezy apparel with the wigs, but the brand's signature color palette is neutrals, so I'm not sure if they'd opt for such bright wigs in a campaign shoot.

Then I noticed her icy inner corner and started to wonder if this was the makings of a new KKW Beauty photoshoot:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Thoughts? KKW Beauty does have some bright, colorful products, many of which belong to the Flashing Lights collection. Perhaps an expansion on this line is coming soon? Then again, Kim has been known to release her KKW Fragrance Kimoji Perfumes in sets of three, so perhaps she's got a different wig for each new scent? She's got so much going on, the photoshoot could be about anything. Regardless of what it's for, though, I already know it's going to be stunning.

Ironically, by wearing three great wigs, Kim has snatched mine:

Someone better tell her sisters to step it up, because Kim is serving three kinds of Kardashian realness all on her own, and I'm here for it. Fingers crossed for more pastel wigs soon, as well as a reveal on whatever the heck this photoshoot is actually for. We need answers, Kim!