A Fenty Beauty Skincare Line Is Reportedly In The Works, Because Rihanna Never Stops Blessing Us

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Is this National Decide To Launch A Skincare Line Week or something? Because nobody told me so, but I feel like there's tons of news at the moment regarding celebs about to branch out into the wonderful world of skincare. No complaints here, don't get me wrong, but now I have to start every conversation by asking, "Is Fenty Beauty launching skincare?" until I finally get confirmation on the answer I'm hoping for, which is of course, a yes. The rumor mill is buzzing about Riri allegedly taking Fenty Beauty in a whole new direction with a line devoted to all things skin, and if the reports aren't true, I will be totally devastated, so let's keep our fingers crossed, people.

ICYMI, Khloé Kardashian was called out on Instagram Stories earlier this week for oh-so-casually letting it slip that her sis, Kylie Jenner, will soon be launching a skincare line to accompany her already über-successful makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics. Soon after this news took the beauty world by storm, we were treated to yet another piping hot cup of tea, freshly spilled: Ariana Grande will reportedly be launching a "Thank U, Next" themed beauty line of bath products. After hearing about Jenner and Grande, I jokingly asked "Who's next?" Then, reports started swirling about our girl Riri.

As we all know, Rihanna stays rocking the glowiest of complexions:

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And while we know her many Fenty Beauty face products play a role, there's no denying girl definitely has herself a strong skincare routine, too:

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According to Page Six, it's been reported that a trademark for "Fenty Skin" was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office almost a month ago back on March 25, 2019. The particular trademark was created in reference to "medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body care and personal care products," as well as tools and kits. The trademark excludes fragrance and color cosmetics, but that's NBD, since Fenty Beauty has makeup covered, and Riri's already launched multiple fragrances.

There's been no other confirmation so far, so I'm using my imagination to dream up exactly what I think a Riri-inspired skincare line might look:

First things first, there will undoubtedly be something for the glow. Rihanna's skin is notoriously radiant, so perhaps a brightening product like a face mask or individual glow pads will be in the works? I'm also expecting ultra-hydrating products, too, since our girl's got such a well-moisturized, dewy complexion. I'd love nothing more than to watch beauty gurus on YouTube go ham with a Fenty Skin hydrating mist, and I personally will be happy to slather on any cream, toner, or serum she chooses to bless us with. Given her Bajan roots, I'd love if the line included a sunscreen. Everyone should be wearing sunscreen, and Riri's first album was called "Music of the Sun," so if anyone can make that happen, it's her! I wouldn't even mind if the sunscreen had a hint of sparkle.

Think Body Lava infused with SPF 30. A girl can dream:

Here's hoping Rihanna and Fenty Beauty confirm the reports of a skincare line soon. I need to know ASAP so I can start saving up to splurge, given that I'm unable to resist a single product she makes.