Here's When TV Shows Will Resume Filming After Coronavirus Reopenings

After months of watching reruns, dreaming about new storylines, and reading about deep-dive fan theories to pass the time, there's a small sliver of hope for television fans as productions look toward starting back up. Beginning in March 2020, many TV shooting schedules were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, with premiere dates being pushed to later in the year and into 2021. But if you're wondering when your fave TV shows will resume filming after coronavirus closures, there's a good chance the answer is "soon."

In Hollywood in particular, California Governor Gavin Newsom allowed productions to start back up as of June 12, 2020, with each project being subject to approval. Other major filming cities such as Atlanta and overseas in areas like the UK are also moving forward.

Of course, many production teams are still figuring out how to begin filming with proper safety protocols, with some taking longer to begin again, depending on the production's location and the logistics involved in filming. Also, because the coronavirus is still a huge problem in the U.S., even plans that have been announced are subject to change. Regardless, TV shows will eventually come back, meaning the days of re-watching The Vampire Diaries on an endless loop may soon be over. (Kidding! Like anyone could ever get enough of Damon's compelling gaze.)

Here are the deets on when the production of your beloved shows are expected to start back up:

ABC/Paul Hebert

TV Shows Resuming Production In June

America's Got Talent

The NBC hit was one of the first big-budget non-scripted shows to resume filming after the shutdown. According to Deadline, the series began filming again in mid-June.

TV Shows Resuming Production In July

The Bachelorette

After months of stop and go, Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette is apparently finally happening. According to Vulture, the show begins filming in July, and will take place at a resort instead of the usual Bachelor Mansion due to coronavirus safety restrictions. Additionally, international travel is out, but that probably won't stop people from being there for the wrong reasons.

TV Shows Resuming Production In August

The Witcher

The Netflix hit is coming back for Season 2 after production was put on hold. According to The Guardian, the series is set to begin filming again on August 17 and was confirmed with a tweet from the show's account on June 22.

Sex Education

According to Deadline, Season 3 of Sex Education is officially happening after getting put on hold in May. The show is set to begin filming again in August. Since sunshine is an important part of its aesthetic, it has to be filmed in the summer, so the clock's really ticking.


Production of the long-running CW series was cut short due to social distancing recommendations just before the final three episodes of the series aired. According to Deadline, Supernatural, which shoots in Vancouver and British Columbia, is gearing up to start filming again within a couple of weeks (as of July 25).

The Flash

The CW is looking to start production back up on another Vancouver-based series, The Flash. According to Deadline, “Warner Bros. TV is planning for a late-August start for the studio’s Vancouver-based broadcast series” The slated start date for these shows, The Flash included, ranges from August 20 to 27.

The CW


The Cour Four is back (almost)! A new report from Deadline claims the CW hit has plans to ramp up production after halting in March. The fourth season ended three episodes short, but the fifth season, which is slated to start production the last week of August, will start with the episodes cut from Season 4, including Riverdale High’s prom and graduation.

TV Shows Resuming Production In September

Stranger Things

The group is back in Season 4 of Stranger Things. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Netflix series is set to begin production again, with a tentative start date of September 17.

Check back for updates as more shows announce plans to restart production.

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