The #DailyVlog Trend On TikTok Lets You Catch Your BFFs Up On Your Life

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Lucas Ottone, Stocksy

You may keep your BFFs updated on your latest virtual dates, cooking adventures, and DIY projects via a group chat. But, your text messages are probably not as detailed as a daily vlog on TikTok. Instead of giving your people a step-by-step recap of your day, they may simply focus on a few highlights. So, here's the scoop on how to film a #dailyvlog for TikTok that'll catch your BFFs up on your life in a fun way.

You might be thinking that nobody wants to see the epic salad you made for lunch or the packages of new clothes that came in the mail, but they do. Your friends especially want the first look of outfits you'll be rocking on Instagram, and to see how your cooking has improved during quarantine. They might pause your TikTok daily vlog at certain points just to take in a specific pair of jeans or get some inspiration for their next meal.

Long story short: Your vlogs are already highly-anticipated and desired. You just need to create them by filming little clips of your day with your phone, and then piecing them together in the app. TikTok videos can be up to 60 seconds long, so you have plenty of time to show off your look, lunch, workout, favorite show, and even the plants you watered.

Once you've pieced together your day, add some text, hashtags, and an audio clip or voiceover to your video. Here are some other tricks for filming a daily vlog for TikTok right at home.

Describe Your To-Do List For Work Or School

Whether you have a full-time job and are currently working from home, or you're taking online classes to complete a degree, give your followers a glimpse into your to-do list. They likely don't have the exact same path as you and might be curious about yours and what it can be like to write, practice law, or teach.

TikToker @cecexie is a lawyer and describes a day of reading over statutes, writing memos, and taking breaks for virtual workouts or cooking classes. The daily vlog is complete with GIFs that truly take the content to the next level.

Film A Good Amount Of Close-Ups And Details

Although it might be easy to sit in front of the camera and list everything you did throughout the day, it's time to get creative when filming the little details. Take close-ups of a freshly-made juice being poured into a cute glass, a shower head spraying water, and a serene candle being lit. @aleyseean on TikTok does this beautifully and really creates a relaxing atmosphere, complete with pairing each detail shot with original font.

Show Off The Meals And Snacks You Eat Every Day

Did you get really good at cooking or baking during quarantine? Or, are you just having an epic meal day? Take a daily vlog for TikTok that's all about food. Make sure to get lots of close-ups so your friends can see the ingredients, and write out the recipe so they can make it at home, too.

This daily vlog on TikTok is a great example of what your final video could look like. It includes a catchy song and tasty vegan meals that'll make your mouth water.

Challenge Yourself To Show Everything In 10 Seconds

TikTok videos can be 60 seconds long, but that doesn't mean they have to be. This TikToker shows you how you can put together a daily vlog that's short and sweet. Each clip truly has #aesthetic vibes so that your friends know how your day both looked and felt.

Give Your Vlogs A Catchy Title And Intro

If you plan on filming more daily vlogs for TikTok, be sure to give your first vlog a catchy title and introduction frame. For example, @salemmitchell uses the days of the week in the vlog's title and writes out the title with magazine-style letters and GIFs of hearts, roses, and angels. From there, the video shows clips of breakfast burritos in the making, shoe organizing, lots of juice, and a Sunday dinner. It's chill, relatable, and a sweet glimpse into a day in the life of @salemmitchell at home.

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