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The Dream Trend On TikTok Is All About Manifesting Your #Goals

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Life in quarantine hasn't stopped TikTokers from thinking about their dream house, vacation, date, dinner, or car. The dream trend on TikTok is on the rise, as TikTokers are playing a sweet game with their friends, siblings, and partners over text, and then compiling screenshots with the #dreamtrend tag.

To be part of the TikTok dream trend, you simply have to text a person you love and ask them to participate in the fun with you. You'll start by choosing one of the categories, including: dream house, bedroom, car, vacation, dinner, and date. Then, you'll both send a photo at the same time of what you'd imagine your dream to be, and see how the visions compare.

You'll want to work your way through each category, and then finish off the game by screenshotting the photos in your text conversation. Compile them and post them on TikTok in a video showing a picture or video of the people participating in the very beginning. Be sure to use the #dreamtrend tag, and "Love Songs - Bonus" audio clip by Kaash Paige (@kaashmychecks).

Here are a few videos of the dream trend on TikTok that'll help you manifest your goals. Now, let the dreams commence.

This Video Adds Some Different Categories

Are you and your SO super into plants and cottagecore homes? If so, then your dreams might align with this couple's. According to their dream trend video, they want their bedroom to have a ton of plants and their home to be an evermore-like oasis. They added a couple different categories, too, like dream ring, pet, and job.

This Video Features A Candlelit Picnic On The Beach

This couple on TikTok manifested the same dream date night while participating in the dream trend... and wow. Their photos show a candlelit dinner on the beach with city lights off in the distance. The vibes are absolutely immaculate and depict the perfect scene for enjoying each other's company, sipping sparkling cider, and looking at the stars.

This Video Is All About The Rooms Of A Dream House

You could totally center your entire dream trend video around your dream house, just like this couple did. They went room by room to reveal that they have the exact same vision for a cute reading nook and similar earthy imaginations for a living room and bedroom.

This Video Will Give You Dinner #Inspo

Did you have dinner plans for tonight? Hopefully they include a meal as dreamy as this one that this couple posted on the app. It includes an elaborate platter of sushi and bowl of pasta that'll make your mouth water.