The Picnic Collective's date night packages make for a great, summery experience for you and your SO...

Here's How To Book That IG-Worthy Picnic Influencers Are Obsessed With

Are you on the lookout for Instagram-worthy things that are safe yet experiential during quarantine? You may have already set up a picnic or two in your backyard and taken photos on a film camera. Now, you're interested in the details on The Picnic Collective — aka, the trendy picnics with flowers, fresh fruit, and beach blankets that IG's influencers are so in love with.

To speed up your search, we have the scoop on how to book a dreamy picnic for you and your bestie, roommate, or SO. But first, let's talk about where you may have seen the picnics so far. Maybe you're an avid follower of Indy Blue, who posted about her picnic early to mid-August, and showed off the cutest fringe umbrella that was set up on the beach for her date night. If you're consistently telling your BFFs in the group chat about Tatiana Elizabeth Price's #content, then you may have seen her birthday-party-turned-picnic around the same time, and gotten heart eyes for her sushi spread and celebration.

That's the real beauty of these picnics: You can book them for a surprise date with your partner, a bridal shower, a birthday party, or for a casual, IG-worthy night with the person in your life who understands your love for sunsets and aesthetically-pleasing cheese boards. Here's exactly how to book a picnic that best fits your desires this summer, and enjoy the experience that so many influencers have major heart eyes for.

The Picnic Collective

First things first: You're going to want to head to The Picnic Collective's website where they detail out the various packages they offer and where you can participate in them. The team will set up a super cute picnic for you in destinations like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, California. You can also opt for a picnic in Las Vegas. When you choose a destination — which they're listed under the "Let's Picnic!" tab — you'll be asked to fill out a form regarding certain details.

For example, if you want to book a picnic in L.A., you'll be asked to drop your picnic date and time, your guest count, your styling customization, and your destination within the sunny city. Currently, the company has locations such as Zuma Beach, Point Dume, and Santa Monica Beach all listed, with a travel fee being an additional cost for some. If you want to see what your picnic may look like in these destinations before picking one out, you can head over to the "Scenic Venues" page. This will give you a glimpse into what your package would look like once it's set up, and give you some #inspo for IG-worthy pics to take as well.

When it comes to styling customizations, your options range from a chill "Endless Summer" theme to a romantic spread that'll feature lots of red and white. There's even a Bohemian-style picnic you can choose, which will probably land you with content that's quite similar to the aesthetic of Aspyn Ovard Ferris' feed. Now, let's say you want to plan a date night with not so many options. What set-in-stone packages can you pick from?

The Picnic Collective

Well, there's the "Simple Pleasures" package and "Bliss" package. "Simple Pleasures" includes a spot to sit with decorative pillows, and "Bliss" includes a lace tent and farm-to-table treats. Now, every picnic you book includes the works, such as custom-made cheese boards, sparkling water, desserts, and floral arrangements that'll make you want to pull out your camera ASAP. You'll walk up to a chalkboard with a handwritten message on it, a lovely umbrella, and even a bluetooth speaker to play music.

However, because there are different packages and locations, to get the exact price of your potential experience, you need to fill out the form or contact The Picnic Collective. To do so, head to the "Info" tab and tap the button that says, "Inquire" followed by your desired destination. This tab is also where you can find extra details on both of these packages.

Of course, if you want to stay at home and enjoy this cozy experience in the comfort of your backyard, you can always order the goods to be shipped to you. The "Shop" tab has a Date Night Picnic Basket ($199), fringe umbrella ($279), and an array of baskets and beach bags for sale. Pick one up and you can have an experience at home very close to the ones your favorite influencers are having on Instagram.