A bunch of colorful SMEG appliances sit on a wooden counter.

These Retro Kitchen Appliances Will Make Your Home Office Cozy & IG-Ready

A majority of what you "save" on Instagram is probably pictures of cute kitchens located in your favorite influencers' homes. They may have an espresso maker that's been on your wishlist for years, or a toaster that looks like a total throwback to the '50s. Take a closer look at those retro pieces, because they're likely one of SMEG's kitchen appliances.

You'll be able to tell if you see the brand's name spread across the front of a citrus juicer or the side of a stylish toaster. The block lettering will pop out at you, as it contrasts nicely with the smooth design. After one glimpse at the refrigerator tucked into the cozy home of Ellie Bullen or some quick scroll-bys of home decor ideas on Pinterest, you'll instantly think, "This really could upgrade my home office situation," and browse through the aesthetically-pleasing collections online.

Honestly, once you've confirmed that it is a SMEG piece you have heart eyes for, you have to turn your daydreams into a reality. It won't matter if you tap "add to cart" on a kettle, blender, or coffee grinder — the item will spruce up your space and give you a reason to take a thousand pictures of every meal you make. Let's break down the exact products that you can purchase from SMEG, that'll make your kitchen or home office (Aren't they one in the same, nowadays?) extra cozy and IG-ready.


First up, we need to talk about the SMEG toaster. It may be the item you see the most on Instagram, nestled into the back corner of a countertop along with a few plants and a wooden cutting board. This piece comes in a 2-slice, 4-slice, and 4-slot design, and a variety of colors, including: pastel blue, pastel green, pink, cream, black, red, and silver.

Although it's a little on the pricey side ($169.95), it's well worth the investment. When you're in the mood for avocado toast after a long Zoom meeting, this toaster will come to the rescue and create a crunch you'll never get tired of. Part of SMEG's mission, as detailed on their website, is to give consumers a rich combo of technology and style. Drop a bagel into the sleek slots, and you'll experience this mission firsthand.

This appliance and all the others created by SMEG are extremely easy to use and streamlined. But, they're also environmentally conscious. According to the SMEG website, they make their appliances with sustainable and Earth-friendly materials like steel, glass, aluminum, and brass. So, not only are you investing in a piece that your IG feed and future breakfasts will adore, you're also adding to your green lifestyle.


To pick up the 2-slice toaster, go to Crate & Barrel or Williams Sonoma. You can review the specs on the SMEG website, if you're curious about the toasting levels or wattage, but you'll want to purchase the item from one of these major retailers.

Other SMEG items that you may have some interest in for your kitchen-turned-home office include one of their two coffee machines, a milk frother ($199.95), and kettle ($159.95). Put any of these pieces on an adorable bar cart near your kitchen table or desk, so you always have a caffeine station to reach for.

In addition to these smaller appliances, SMEG also sells refrigerators — which you may have spotted on IG — and trendy-looking wine coolers, mixers, and washing machines. You could really deck your home out in their appliances if you wanted to, and turn your home into a replica of an influencer's. The brand has dropped a few special collections as well that you may want to add to your home because they remind you of an amazing trip to Italy or your love for Disney World.

The Sicily is my love collection, in particular, features intricate and bold designs created in a collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana. Every time you take a photo with one of these products, you'll want to sneak your loyal passport into the frame. I don't blame you, that's what every influencer would do. Just be sure to tag @smeg on Instagram when you post those pics — that's also what an influencer would do.