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These Backyard Birthday Ideas For Leos Are So Fun & Easy To Put Together

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Every summer, you feel so lucky that your birthday falls in the middle of summer, Leo. In the past, you may have hosted a party on the beach (in true Princess Diaries fashion) or gone to an outdoor bar. This year, your plans might be in your very own backyard, so you're searching for backyard birthday ideas for Leos that are easy to put together.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you're staying safe at home and celebrating at a distance. Since you're the social butterfly of your friend group, having a chill birthday at home isn't necessarily in your wheelhouse. You're a pro at bopping between different conversation circles and starting up lively games of volleyball, badminton, or soccer on the beach. In other words, you're finding yourself asking one major question going into your plans: "Where do I even begin?"

Don't fret. Your birthday can still feel incredibly special and social, even though you're spending it at home. You just need to recreate one of the backyard birthday ideas listed below that are made for Leos, and pretty simple to put together, too. The universe knows that, as a Leo, you'd rather spend less time planning and spend more time enjoying the day. These ideas will hit that mark and make your day as lit as your fire sign.

Do Improv With Your Friends Over FaceTime Or Zoom
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Leos, like you, are great on the spot. You can come up with a joke out of nowhere and make everyone in the group chat giggle. That's why, on your birthday, you should do improv for the entire afternoon. Have your friends tune in via a FaceTime call or Zoom, and play along with you as you pretend to be different characters in different scenarios. If you want to, record the afternoon so you can look back at it and laugh.

Set Up A Summer-Themed Obstacle Course

Fire signs like you love a challenge, Leo, so setting up a huge, summery obstacle course in your backyard will speak to your soul. You and your roommates can time yourselves as you run through sprinklers, skateboard down the driveway, jump rope in the grass, and successfully toss a bean bag into the hole on your corn hole boards. Whoever gets the fastest time can pick out a popsicle from the freezer first.

Decorate Your Porch And Paint It A Bright Color

Since you're a summer baby, you often find yourself outside a lot. No matter what season it is, you're chilling on your porch reading a book, or tossing on your sneakers and experiencing the great outdoors. Treat your future self on your birthday by decorating your porch to look like the ones you've saved on IG or Pinterest. Paint it a bright color such as blue, teal, or yellow that'll give you butterflies you every time you see it.

Host A Virtual Award Show With Funny Superlatives

On your birthday, it's definitely OK to put the focus on you. But it can also be really rewarding to highlight your BFFs who have been with you through thick and thin. So, do something unique and fun, and host a virtual award show from your backyard. Put on a fancy look, come up with superlatives for everyone — which you can vote on ahead of time in the group chat, or create on your own — and have a night you'll never forget.

Enjoy A Mocktail Bar With Your Mom
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Have you been quarantining with your mom or the mom figure in your life? Or have you been having virtual happy hours with her to kick of the summer weekends? If so, then put together a mocktail bar outside that you can both enjoy. Find recipes you'll both enjoy using ingredients like seltzer, coconut water, and mint. Order a few paper umbrellas, bamboo straws, and coconut shells which you can use as cups to take this idea to the next level.

Participate In A High-Energy Workout

Especially on your birthday, you're a ball of energy, Leo. Make the most of your good vibes and feelings by doing a hardcore workout in your backyard. Power up YouTube on your laptop, grab a bottle of water, and put on a workout outfit that you're always feeling motivated in (or maybe treated yourself to for your birthday). Then, follow along with STRONG Nation or a fitness guru of your choice and sweat it out in the sun.

Have A Backyard Photo Shoot With Funky Props

By now, you've probably had a backyard photo shoot or two in the spirit of quarantine and posting new content on the 'gram. But, that doesn't mean you can have another with funky props for your birthday. Your cherry-shaped sunglasses, your dusty pinwheels that have been tucked away in your garage, and the lava lamps you swear you'd never use again deserve a moment in the spotlight. Set up your backdrop and pose with them on your big day.

Order A Bunch Of Mini Doughnuts And Taste Them On IG Live
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You love two things, Leo: to be the center of attention, and to taste the finer things in life. So, order a bunch of doughnuts — preferably the mini kind — from a local bakery, and go live on Instagram to taste them on your patio. You'll love having everyone tune into your tasty opinions, and answering questions about the sweet and savory notes. Not to mention, mini doughnuts are arguably better than a birthday cake.