A young woman reads a book while soaking in a flower bath in the jungle.
Here's How To Create A Flower Bath At Home For A Dreamy Afternoon Of Self-Care

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Recreating the experiences you may have had while traveling is a #must right now, because your upcoming trips may have been canceled or delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This might include pitching a tent in your backyard as if you're spending the night in a starry national park, and learning how to create a flower bath at home, as if you're at a luxe resort in the jungles of Bali. To be honest, creating an Insta-worthy bath covered in pink petals, candles, and lemon slices is easier than you may think.

That's why a lot of influencers are already hopping on this DIY trend and taking their self-care routines to the next level. Instead of calling it quits after a chill session with their jade roller, gel nail polish, and go-to facial, they're choosing to delicately fill their tub, fluff their towels, and soak in the floral bliss. Of course, before sticking their feet in the hot water they are also snapping photographs of their tubs that are surrounded by little glass bottles of essential oils, and positioned next to an open window, so you can take some inspiration for yourself and run with it.

With these photographs saved to your account, you can assess what you need for your very own flower bath, and what surprising elements — like a wooden tray, stack of crystals, or summer read — you may also want to include. Here's what you'll definitely need to get started, and to have the serene, travel-esque afternoon you've been dreaming about.

A Beautiful Bouquet Of Flowers

If you've seen a few pictures of flower baths on Instagram, then you know that you can get creative in picking out your bathroom "buds." You can purchase a bouquet of roses, daisies, or carnations at your local flower shop, grocery store, or online.

Once you've collected your flowers, you'll want to pick the big buds and petals off, so you can place them on the water. Don't be afraid to get creative here and place them in a design.

An Adorable Pack Of Bath Tea

Of course, purchasing fresh flowers isn't the only way to go. If you want to spice up your bath from the start, you can buy an adorable pack of pre-picked petals combined with bath salts — otherwise known as bath tea. The petals may be more spread out in your tub, but will still have the same dreamy effect. You will also get to reap the magical benefits of Himalayan salt, lavender, and other ingredients.

A Freshly Sliced Lemon

When you think of a flower bath, freshly sliced lemon probably doesn't come to mind. But, this fruit can add a summer aroma to your experience, and let you to reap some magical benefits. According to Stylecaster, lemon can "shrink pores and revive your skin." It also can boost your overall mood.

An Oatmeal Bath Bomb

If you're someone who deals with dry skin or eczema on the reg (*Raises hand.*), then you may want to consider adding an oatmeal bath bomb or pouch to your flower bath's water. This ingredient will soothe and moisturize your body, according to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD in an Apr. 12, 2019 article from Well + Good.

A Lovely Candle

After you've prepped your flowers and laid them out the way you want them to be in your bathwater, you'll want to set the rest of the room's mood. This requires some lovely candles with scents that are complementary of each other. This sweet Mediterranean Fig Soy Candle from TreatmentCo on Etsy will be a great place to start.

A Healing Crystal Kit

In addition to candles, you may also want to place healing and powerful crystals on the ledge of your tub. These crystals may cleanse the atmosphere of your space and surround you in the best vibes while you soak and treat yourself to some time away from your phone. Of course, they may also glisten in the sun in the middle of your Instagram photo shoot.

A Tropical Indoor Plant

The last item you may want to surround your bath with is a big and leafy indoor plant — including one that looks sort of tropical like a Monstera or a Philodendron will make you feel like you're in a bucket list destination. It may also be a welcoming addition to your bathroom decor.

A Bamboo Bath Tray

Let's talk about what you're going to do in your at-home flower bath because, odds are, you're not just going to soak. You may spend some time catching up on the best summer reads of the year and snacking on cheese and crackers. You'll want to pick out a quality bamboo bath tray so you don't have to hold your goods while relaxing.

A Fluffy Towel

Last but not least, in order to create the perfect flower bath at home, be sure to pick up a fluffy towel. Before and after you're in the floral water, a towel will ensure you're comfy and feeling like you're on a real vacation. It'll mentally transport you to the luxe resorts in Bali, where you may one day treat yourself to a sweet flower bath again.

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