Feel Like You're On A #Vacay At Home By Doing These 8 Easy, Fun Things

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When you don't have anywhere to go or sights to see, it's easy for the wanderlust to set in. You might post pics from an old trip, or "just look" at the price of plane tickets and cool accommodations. Here's the deal: You can make your travel bug chill out by knowing how to feel like you're on a vacation at home and planning certain activities for yourself.

The best part? Most of these activities can be done with the items you already have in your home. You don't necessarily need to go to a store or plan out a hefty itinerary that requires you to be at certain places at certain times. Unlike some of the experiences you've had in the most stunning spots around the globe, you won't need to call ahead to make a reservation for a lounge chair or sit in a seat with very little leg room for up to eight hours in order to reach your destination, either.

In that way, these activities are filled with relaxation bliss. They're like an all-inclusive resort or a beautiful sunset setting over the ocean. Try them out this weekend with your people and feel like you're on a #vacay at home.

Take A Virtual Tour Of The National Parks
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First up, waste no time getting the need to adventure out of your system and take a virtual tour of the national parks. Put on your favorite hiking clothes, including your boots, and lay out a picnic blanket in your backyard. Breathe in the fresh air as you click through the different trails, and disconnect from the real world. You'll leave this at-home vacay feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Have A Rooftop Picnic At Sunset

Watching sunsets around the world is probably your favorite pasttime. It's understandble — seeing the sky turn the vibrant shades of pink, purple, and orange is electrifying and can fuel your soul. Treat yourself to a sunset at home by heading to a rooftop with an artsy cheeseboard. Commemorate the "trip," and take pictures on a vintage film camera.

Host A Pool Party For Your Roommates

Whether you live with your parents, college friends, partner, or bestie from high school, you should host a pool party, strictly for you and them. To do so, blow up all of your pool floats, toss on your go-to bathing suits, and play a summertime-like playlist on your portable speaker. Spend the afternoon soaking up the sun and making cocktails you find on TikTok. It'll feel like you're at a resort in Las Vegas.

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa
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A day of treating yourself to massages, pedicures, and facials is never a day wasted. If your #vacay routine usually entails a deep tissue massage and a blowout, then it's time to quiet your travel bug and turn your bathroom into the serene spa of your dreams. You can follow up your afternoon of pampering with a glass of wine or a luxe meal delivered straight to your door.

Create A Nightclub In Your Living Room

You've made forts in your living room before, so you're ready to create a nightclub amongst your couches and coffee table books, too. All this activity requires is a speaker, some moody lighting, and an at-home bar that's free of charge. Having your BFFs or crush on FaceTime while you dance the night away is a major plus, too, and will make this experience feel like a vacay.

Paint Your Travel Pictures Onto Canvases

Speaking from experience, the Ponte Vecchio in Florence looks incredible in watercolor paints. Find this out for yourself, and paint your travel photos onto paper or canvases. If you're not an incredibly artsy person, that's OK. It's still worth a try, and will likely make you feel so relaxed. It'll also let you take a walk down Nostalgia Lane, which is always a real trip.

Go On An Ice Cream Tasting In Your Kitchen
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For some of us, food can be a really rewarding part of going on vacation. We love trying different cuisine and cooking with the country's freshest ingredients. Recreate some of that magic for your mouth by going on an ice cream tasting with your people in your kitchen. Pull out the pints you have, create colorful and sweet sundaes, and rate each for flavor and presentation.

Plant A Garden In Your Backyard

Gather up the packets of seeds you may have laying around your house, and grow a garden in your backyard. If you don't have seeds, head to a local farm stand to pick up a few fruits, vegetable, and flowers. After planting them, take a few selfies with them as if you were touring a neat botanical garden in the city. Edit the final products with some of your favorite presets, and ditch your travel bug for a little while.

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