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White Claw Slushies & 9 Drink Recipes From TikTok You'll Love Sipping On

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Whether you're having a virtual game night with your best friends from college, or hanging out with your roomies at home, one thing is for sure: You need a few TikTok cocktail recipes to try. A White Claw slushie or homemade Aperol Spritz will make the experience much tastier — while also upgrading your food and drink preparation skills. Everybody will be asking how you brewed a perfectly pink cocktail, or twisted your orange slice in such a unique way.

Your answer will, of course, be, "I learned how to do this on TikTok!" The app really has it all, from fun challenges to do with your family when you're bored at home, to fast-paced dances you can learn that are a true workout. It's a place where you can get creative and channel one of the Kardashians, or get instructions for how to clean your new, white shoes or put together an at-home prom. If you've already mastered all of those tasks, though, and are 21-years-old or over, then these delicious cocktails are the next thing you should try.

They only require a few tools and ingredients, and will surely make your best friends, roomies, or family members say, "Oh, wow!" Watch them a few times, gather what you need, and then get mixin', OK?

This Pineapple Mai Tai Will Taste Like Summer

First up is a drink that'll taste like summertime: this pineapple mai tai. It's perfect for sipping by the pool, or after work when you're reading a book on your porch. If you don't have a fresh pineapple to put it in, look for a fun glass and twisty straw so your cocktail still feels ~tropical~.

This Spicy Aperol Spritz Will Wake Up Your Tastebuds

Kick things up a notch with this spicy Aperol Spritz. It won't be like your average, fizzy drink, and will wake up your tastebuds after a long day of Zoom meetings. Don't forget to add the slice of lemon at the end.

This Sake Martini Is Made For Your Inner Mixologist

Unleash your inner mixologist with this sake martini. It's pretty easy to make, assuming you have the right ingredients. But, it'll make you feel like a bartender at a five-star restaurant.

This Lemon Ginger Tea Moscow Mule Is So Refreshing

Is there anything more refreshing than this lemon ginger tea Moscow mule? After you watch this video on TikTok and put together this drink, you'll be saying, "No way!" Be sure to take some pictures of it for Instagram before you take a sip.

This Mojito Recipe Is Tried And True

Follow along with an expert bartender as he whips up a sweet mojito on TikTok. You know this recipe is bound to jazz up your afternoon. Not to mention, it'll probably be your go-to drink since it perfectly fits into a mason jar.

This Lemon Drop Martini Is Super Simple To Make At Home

Creating a lemon drop martini at home is pretty simple. Just gather up some ice in a shaker cup, along with three ounces of vodka, a pack of sugar, and some fresh lemon juice. Strain out the ice, and then enjoy.

This Rosé Tequila Sangria Is Perfect For Virtual Happy Hour

Do you have a virtual happy hour scheduled with your friends? Make a glass of rosé tequila sangria for the event. Take a little time before logging on to whip up this recipe just right. You'll be so excited with the results.

This White Claw Slushie Is Worth All Of The Hype

Odds are, you've already heard about the White Claw slushies taking over TikTok. They're worth the hype, and if you whip one up at home, you'll see why. Grab your blender and crack a cold one, and prepare for the deliciousness.

This Frozen Vodka Raspberry Lemonade Is Cute And Yummy

Making a social media-worthy drink is almost a must, right? If so, look no further than frozen vodka raspberry lemonade. It's a mouthful to pronounce, but will be a pleasure to sip. (Fans of Trader Joe's products will also get to use their lemonade.)

This Tequila Sunrise Will Make You Smile So Big

Last but not least, pull out the bottle of tequila in your pantry and whip up this tequila sunrise. It'll make you smile from ear to ear, and remind you of the beach vacations you've gone on in the past. It'll be a cocktail you love sipping while at home.

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