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9 Best TikTok Challenges To Do With Your Family For All The LOLs

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Right about now, you're chilling with your siblings on the couch, asking each other, "What should we do now?" Enter, this list of super fun TikTok family challenges. They'll break your boredom streak and give you every reason to LOL. TBH, they may even encourage your dad or mom to come into the room and say, "Can I be in this, too?"

These challenges are just that catchy, hilarious, and interesting. Some of them reveal what you really think about each other, by asking you who's most likely to spend the most time getting ready in the morning or who spends the most money at the mall. Others require you to switch styles, and — with permission, of course — raid each other's closets for outfits that are chic, trendy, or not quite the right size. No matter which one of these challenges you choose, though, they'll get your family moving and grooving.

That's the beauty of the TikTok app, ya know? It's so wildly entertaining because it's filled with fun dances to learn, inspiring content, and lots of challenges to try with your people. Here are nine challenges you should try with your siblings and family members for all the LOLs

The #RenegadeChallenge

First things first: Start your TikTok adventures with your family by entering the #RenegadeChallenge. This is a choreographed dance that'll get your siblings on their feet, and ready to show off their best moves. Some vids on the app go all out and show people spinning basketballs on their fingers, too.

The #LevelUp Challenge

Do you have a family pet? Put them to the test with your family members with the #LevelUp challenge. Stack your toilet paper rolls in a doorway or hallway and see how high your pup or cat can jump. If they make it to level five — well, that's impressive.

The #CleaningSzn Challenge

If your parents have been begging you and your siblings to pick up your rooms or clean out your closets, then you need to try the #CleaningSzn challenge. Essentially, this challenge gives you a chance to get your dusting done or make your bed while dancing to a sweet tune. Get everyone involved to make it nice and fun.

The #RealLifeAtHome Challenge

Whenever you hang out with your siblings, you may get super into your video games or build a fort in your living room. The #RealLifeAtHome challenge wants you to capture the crazy and ~extra~ things you do at home, from pretending your kitchen is a restaurant to having a full-blown fashion show in your hallway.

The #PlayByPlay Challenge

Take some notes from The Quarantine Crew and record a fun #PlayByPlay challenge with your siblings when you have an afternoon to spare. This challenge requires you to compete against your siblings, whether that be seeing who can eat an orange first, or maybe score the most baskets in the hoop in your driveway. It comes with lots of LOLs.

The #BlindingLights Challenge

"Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd is all you need to conquer the #BlindingLights challenge with your family. This song is made for a fast-paced TikTok dance, and may get stuck in your head. But, it'll be so worth it when you have a hilarious and super in sync product.

The #TheDrop Challenge

Turn a room in your house into a makeshift club for #TheDrop challenge. In this challenge, you pretend to be a DJ with a large collection of condiment bottles as your "table" and pretend to treat your siblings to a spot near the main stage. Get creative for this one, OK?

The #ParentSkills Challenge

Get your parents involved in all of the TikTok fun and put them to the test in the #ParentSkills challenge. Set up obstacles in your house like cleaning a window and vacuuming crumbs in the hallway. Whoever goes faster wins.

The #ToosieSlideChallenge

The #ToosieSlideChallenge is fairly new to TikTok, but it's just as catchy as some of the other dance challenges out there. The best part? The steps are pretty easy to remember, so your whole family can give this one a whirl. Record it ASAP and then share it to rake in all the likes and LOLs.

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