A young woman poses for a selfie with her puppy on a colorful bed.

10 TikTok Challenges To Do With Your Pup That Are Totally Fetch

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When you're bored at home or have a free afternoon, your first thought may be, "What's my dog up to?" Odds are, they're probably hanging out in the sun, taking a nap, or looking for you to play a game of fetch. They would probably love it if you walked up to them and said, "Want to do something fun?" Their tail would start wagging at the idea of recording videos together with the best TikTok dog sounds and posting them for the entire world to see.

In return, you'd have heart eyes watching your dog pose for the camera and conquer different challenges that are trending on the Internet right now. You'd giggle at the sight of them in a pair of sunglasses, or chilling on your kitchen counter for the first time, knowing well they shouldn't technically be there. Whenever you would FaceTime your besties after the fact, you'd want to show them the tricks your pup learned that day, including the move where they sprint toward you and place their face right in between your fingers.

Just thinking about these challenges and the sounds that go with them is enough to make you want to roll out of bed and get recording. These are the 10 TikTok dog sounds and challenges you should try first. To say the least, they're totally fetch.

The #ItWasntMeChallenge

First up is the #ItWasntMeChallenge. To the tune of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me," this trending challenge requires you to act out the lyrics with your curious and hilarious pup. Be prepared to put them on your kitchen counter, in your shower, and in the funniest little outfits you can find.

The #LearningToDog Challenge

If you've ever said to your besties in the group chat, "I wish I could be my dog for a day," the #LearningToDog challenge is for you. It's completely led by your dog who may spend their day looking out the window or barking at passing squirrels. If you choose to participate, get ready to ask your pup questions like, "So, do we like bark at other dogs, or just people walking by?"

The #PuppyCheck Challenge

The world wants to see every cute video and picture you have of your puppy. That's why the #PuppyCheck challenge is, well, a thing. It allows you to combine all the adorable snaps of you rubbing your gold retrievers belly, with the pics of your pug in the bath or Australian shepherd dancing with their toy. (Um, yes please!)

The #BoredAtHome Challenge

At this point, you've probably heard Curtis Roach's "BORED IN THE HOUSE" sound on TikTok. It's catchy and has slowly made it's way onto Twitter and other social media platforms, too. Try it out with your dog and show the Internet the cool tricks you have been practicing while #BoredAtHome.

The #LevelUp Challenge

Is your adorable pup particularly good at leaping, or are you curious to find out if they are? If so, then look no further than the #LevelUp challenge. Create a line of toilet paper rolls for your dog to jump over, and then at each "level" make the line go higher. Some pups will crash right through it, and others will reach for the stars.

The #FlipTheSwitch Challenge

Have you considered doing the #FlipTheSwitch challenge with your pet? You're not alone. So far, the results are pretty hilarious and inspiring. Watch a few videos from other creators before making your own, so you can time the sound just right and plan out a paw-sitively cute vid.

The #PetParent Challenge

Being a pet parent is a unique job. You never know what you're going to wake up to or experience throughout the day. TBH, you don't mind carrying your massive husky through the park, and love playing "find the other show" with your terrier. Enter the #PetParent challenge to make it official.

The #AnimalsReact Challenge

Your pup has the best reactions. When you walk through the door, they always get super excited and jump up on your legs like they haven't seen you in 10 years. When you "boop" their nose, they look all cute and confused. Try the #AnimalsReact challenge and record your pup's reaction to you hiding under your blanket or tickling their paw. It'll be #priceless.

The #BathTime Challenge

The #BathTime challenge gets cute, fast. And if you don't mind multi-tasking and recording a TikTok video while giving your pup a bath, then you should definitely give it a whirl. Take vids of your dog all wet and then wrapped up in a towel afterwards.

The #WoahChallenge

Last but not least, don't sleep on the #WoahChallenge. Try it out with your pup when you're bored or have some free time at home. You'll have to teach your dog to quickly run to you and put their face in your hand in different ways. But, it'll be worth it once you've hit the "share" button.