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12 Doggone Adorable IG Story Filters You Should Try With Your Pet
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It's about time that your pet made an appearance on your Instagram. In the past, you may have posted pics on your feed of your pup in your backyard or your cat taking a nap. But, your followers are begging for even more #content. Enter, the trendiest and best Instagram story filters for pets on the app. Like your pet, these filters are doggone adorable.

They'll turn your dog into a palette of glitter, or bring your endless heart eyes to life. When you try out each of these filters, you'll instantly feel the need to say, "Aww," or laugh with your siblings who are chilling in the background with a treat. After tapping the camera button, and then the "share" button, you'll be treated to all sorts of messages in your DMs — from people gushing over your pet and how cute they look.

Your followers will comment on how hilarious your lizard appears with a thought bubble over their head, or might even ask where you found that high-quality story filter. Feel free to send these 12 Instagram story filters for pets their way, along with any tips you have for using them. (It might be tricky to get your golden doodle to strike a pose, you know?) Then, keep on posting your own doggone adorable content.

InLove by @victorialamberte

The first of these filters is InLove by @victorialamberte, and it's straight-up lovely. It brings your heart eyes to life, surrounding your pet with the cute emoji. It's perfect for when your pup is cheesin' or your kitten is just waking up from a nap.

sad perrito by @danielgabela

On rainy days when you're hanging with your pet, you should try out sad perrito by @danielgabela. This effect makes it rain golden retriever puppies around your face and totally fits into the rainy day #mood. Give it a whirl, OK?

Doggie Love by @anonamister

Does your dog gives you all sorts of licks when you walk into the room? If so, then you'll totally appreciate Doggie Love by @anonamister. Use it when you're hanging with your pet and see if they notice the other pup in the screen. Be prepared to receive all the love — both virtual and IRL.

Well Liked by @anonamister

When you post pictures of your pet on Instagram, they always rake in the likes. Now, it's time to give them one right on the nose with the Well Liked story effect by @anonamister. Do it when your cat is perfectly snuggling up with you, or is doing something else that's undeniably good and cute.

Thoughts by @amberarcadia

When you have a pet, it's hard not to think about what they're potentially thinking about. You may even talk on their behalf, giving them a voice when you're rubbing their belly or telling them they're a "good boy." Try out the Thoughts story effect by @amberarcadia to bring your pup's personality to Instagram. It won't disappoint.

Contact Sheet by @instagram

Documenting your life with your pet is your jam. You'd make a whole movie of the afternoons you've spent together if you had the time. Contact Sheet by @instagram will let you capture the little moments in the most blissful way. Save it for when you're playing fetch or snuggling with your pet.

FLOURISHING by @martinamartian

Has your pet ever run around in your garden or wagged their tail while roaming around in the park? If you answered "yes," then save FLOURISHING by @martinamartian ASAP. This effect will bring spring vibes to your screen and make every moment with your pet feel even sweeter.

SELFIE ANIMAL by @itallossilva

Your pet is a pro at taking selfies, whether they know it or not. They always have the exact right face or pose for the camera lens. SELFIE ANIMAL by @itallossilva will put another selfie-loving pet into your frame. It'll totally upgrade those typical pics you take with your BFF — aka, "best fluff forever."

Glitter on Black by @janmahavan

Make your pet sparkle with the Glitter on Black story effect by @janmahavan. Bring them outside in the sunshine or capture them sitting by your feet while you whip up a smoothie bowl. Then, post the pic on your Instagram story for all of your followers to see.

Puppy by @instagram

You can be just like your pet, thanks to the Puppy story effect by @instagram. Like the Snapchat filter, this effect gives you puppy ears and a nose. Apply it for a selfie with your pup or any adorable pic you want to take with your beloved pet.

Sweet Pink (Preset) by @alina_troshkina

When your cat is curled up in a window, or your chameleon is casually chilling in its habitat, you can't help but think, "Wow, this is so sweet." The Sweet Pink (Preset) effect knows that and covers every photo with a layer of light pink. Special thanks to @alina_troshkina for this one.

G6 by @alis_look

Pets and pet parents who love to adventure together will love the G6 story effect by @alis_look. It illuminates the cooler colors in your image and makes every moment feel very picturesque. Use it when you're roaming the beach with your pup or taking a picture of your bunny chilling next to your yoga mat.

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