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Do These 6 Yoga Video Tutorials With Your Dog To Paws & Reflect

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Do you know what makes you feel the most zen? Hanging out with your dog. Whether you two are watching a movie together or playing fetch in your backyard, there's nothing like quality time with your furry friend. Of course, if you want to take the chill vibes up a notch, you can try yoga with your dog video tutorials.

They're a true a recipe for success, and will allow you both to take some time to paws and reflect. (Pun highly intended.) Once you've completed a video or electrifying flow, you'll both feel like champions and you may start to consider entering competitions where you need to do things in sync for a panel of experts and judges. OK, maybe you're getting ahead of yourself, but some of these tutorials might be that transformative and leave you with a new activity to master with your BFF.

To participate in them, simply roll out your yoga mat. Open your laptop and head to YouTube where most of these "yoga with your dog" video tutorials live. Lucky for you, there are a bunch below to try, so you don't need to spend too much time searching for the perfect one. Click "play," have fun, get zen, and drink some water when you two are done. (That goes for both of you, OK?)

This Video That's Serene And Instructional

When it comes to doing yoga with your dog, you're in charge of making sure their best interests are in mind. This video will guide you in stretching the right muscles groups in your pup, and making sure you both feel comfortable and zen. For any dog or owner who's new to this exercise, it's ideal.

This Video That Teaches You The Basic Poses

If you're a yoga master who already has their own flow ready to go, or someone who simply wants to learn a few moves to do with their dog, then turn this video on. It teaches you the two basic moves: upward dog and downward dog. Use it to kickstart a flow you love, or to teach your pup something simple and new.

This Video That's Adorable And Relatable

When you're teaching your dogs yoga, you become the yoga instructor. Similar to when you first taught them to fetch a ball or roll over, you're in charge of getting them to sit up and begin their cool down. This fitness instructor shows you how while offering some adorable and relatable tips.

This Video That Lets You Follow Along With A Group

Yoga sessions with your dog are a thing. But if you're looking to practice your moves and get zen at home, then you can go to YouTube and follow along with this video. It takes you into one class with a calming instructor and tons of pups. TBH, it's worth watching even if you aren't planning a workout.

This Video That Stretches Your Pup With Ease

If and when your dog is ready to do some yoga, this video will guide you in stretching them out. It'll bring you through cute poses that'll make your pup smile bigger than ever before. By the end of it, you'll both feel like you went through the flow with ease.

This Video Will Challenge You And Your Pup

Are you and your pup up for a challenge? This video definitely brings the moves, and will inspire you to get more in sync with your pup. Together, the instructor and her pup work and tone their muscles.