8 Travel Vloggers To Follow In 2020 For All The Getaway Inspo & Vibes

Social media can be an amazing source of inspiration. It's a prime spot to unleash your creative side or add a few items to your bucket list, courtesy of a post from one of your favorite influencers. If you're in the midst of finding new accounts to follow, look no further than these travel vloggers to follow in 2020 who will bring all the getaway inspo and vibes to your feed.

Although they have Instagram accounts you can check out for adventurous selfies and dream-like pineapple pics taken in a tropical setting, some of their best content lives on YouTube, and will deeply encourage you to like and subscribe. It brings you through their trips to Bali, or the beaches on the coast of France. The videos might tease incredible meals you can have in adorable eateries around the world, as well as hotels you can stay at in beautiful deserts and epic mountain destinations.

To say the very least, they will make you think twice about saving your vacation days for a later time. After watching a few of these eight travel vloggers' vlogs, you'll be in #travelmode with packing tips and highly-qualified recommendations under your belt. Here's who to follow in 2020 for the best bucket list inspiration and travel vibes.

Marie Fe And Jake Snow

First up is Marie Fe and Jake Snow. This couple is the definition of #travelgoals, as they're always jet-setting to a tropical place or on an adventurous tour. In the past, they've gone on safaris in South Africa and shared the best spots around Greece and Hawaii. Follow them for a glance into life as a travel influencer and all the palm trees your heart desires.

Jaci Marie

If you're into travel, but also love everything related to beauty, lifestyle, and wellness, then Jaci Marie is the vlogger for you. Jaci Marie takes her camera on the road with her to places like Denver, Colorado and Paris, France, where she enjoys some of the prettiest vegan food. You can also catch her in her kitchen after grocery shopping filming her latest haul. It's a total win-win.

Brad And Hailey Devine

The most adventurous family award goes to Brad and Hailey Devine. They take their two girls on epic trips around the world, and document the mems in high quality camera footage. Watching their videos means you'll always be inspired to head to Disney World, or hit the mountains and go snowboarding. You may also be encouraged to sign up for one of their expeditions via Somewhere Devine.

Elena Taber

Being based in NYC has its perks, such as you're really close to a major airport where you can catch international flights. Elena Taber definitely takes advantage of this, hopping on planes and seeing the sights in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, India, Qatar, Bali, and more. You'll never be bored watching her vlogs and seeing her take on new places.

Allegra Rose B.

One of the artsiest travel vloggers on the scene right now, in my opinion, is Allegra Rose. When you look at the cover images of her vlogs and videos, you can instantly tell that she approaches travel with a rich and unique mindset. Subscribe to her channel to learn more about road-tripping and experiencing outdoorsy places like national parks and beach towns.

Sam Kolder

Videography and travel beautifully combine on Sam Kolder's channel. His videos are loaded with drone shots and high-res moments that you can't sleep on in 2020. He takes you to the depths of the oceans and the fluffiest clouds in the sky. You may want to go skydiving for the first time after watching his epic clips on YouTube.

Indy Blue

Indy Blue will give you the inspiration you need to buy a plane ticket and travel the world. Her videos show what it's like to live your #bestlife alongside people who make you smile and laugh the most. Watch a few of her videos from her adventures to Milan and Positano, and then grab your camera.

Haley Pham

Last but not least, Haley Pham brings her camera into surprise parties, product hauls, and pretty rad vacays. She records herself trying the best YouTube trends, and staying in the world's largest potato. The 20-something who loves travel, challenges, and adventures should definitely check Haley Pham out on YouTube.