Hear Me Out: Going To Disney As An Adult Is Almost More Fun Than Going As A Kid

I'm the major Disney fan in my friend group. It's known as "The Happiest Place On Earth" for a reason, and it's where I truly feel at home. Not only does it have the thrill of the rides and Insta-worthy treats, but there's the nostalgia and fine attention to detail that brings that magic we all know and love to life. Although some millennials may not think that a Disney vacay is for them, to that I say going to Disney as an adult is a rite of passage — and is almost more fun than going as a kid. (Hear me out.)

To any outsider, Disneyland and Disney World seem like a dream destination for kids. However, what they don't tell you is Disney is made for everyone. More and more people are realizing that Disney doesn't just have to be for family getaways or trips with the kids. If you missed out on going when you were little, that doesn't mean your chances to enjoy it are over.

In fact, I have more friends every year telling me that they got dragged to the parks, and ended up leaving with an annual pass, wanting to go back ASAP. If you're still on the fence, just remember these nine things that every adult should experience once in their life by heading to the most magical place ever: Disney!

You'll Feel So Nostalgic
Rachel Chapman

As you grow up, there aren't many places you travel to where you have the ultimate freedom to feel like a kid again. At Disney, you can twirl around while the live music plays on Main Street, U.S.A, snack on the most delicious churros, and even meet your favorite Disney characters. It's the perfect kind of escape to feel nostalgic when the struggles that come with adulting get all too real.

The Food Is Not Only Instagram-Worthy, But Downright Delish
Rachel Chapman

To be completely honest, I mostly go to Disney for the food. I even have an Instagram account dedicated to pictures of what I ate at Disneyland. Not only has Disney stepped up their game so that everything is 'Grammable, but all of the treats are delicious, too.

You'll Stumble Upon The Best Instagram Backdrops
Rachel Chapman

One of the best parts of any vacation is being able to take home the memories that'll last forever. That's why I love how easy it is to find Instagram backdrops at any of the parks. From vibrantly-painted walls like "The Bubblegum Wall" in Epcot, to snapping a selfie in front of Cinderella's Castle, there's always something you'll want to do for the 'Gram.

You Never Know What Magical Moments Will Occur
Rachel Chapman

At Disney, you'll experience many magical moments. Most of the time they're spontaneous, like when your favorite character greets you while you're eating breakfast, or scoring an extra Mickey-shaped pretzel because it's your birthday. You never know when they'll happen, but it's only at Disney where magic is possible.

The Fireworks Display Is A Must-See
Rachel Chapman

You've seen fireworks before, but you've never truly seen fireworks until you've witnessed the display at Disney. I've watched the same shows over and over again, but they still manage to take my breath away every single time. The way the light projections on the castle and music time so perfectly to the colors in the sky is something straight out of movie.

The Resorts Are Unreal
Rachel Chapman

The parks are great, but you could spend the whole weekend solely at any Disney resort and it would be the most magical time of your life. Every resort is themed, and features amazing dining options and the best pools you've likely ever seen. There are also places that have Polynesian villas and bungalows in addition to treehouse villas that you can stay in.

Drinking Around Epcot Is A Bucket List Adventure
Rachel Chapman

"Drinking Around The World" at Epcot is a bucket list adventure every millennial can enjoy after they turn 21. Bring your entire squad along for the experience, and try out drinks from each of the countries in the World Showcase. If you're not a drinker, there's also amazing food to try in each of the countries.

The Themed Restaurants Are A Foodie's Dream Come True
Rachel Chapman

Along with the amazing resorts, Disney is also home to the coolest themed restaurants you need to see to believe. One of my favorites is the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Hollywood Studios where you eat in a car "booth" while watching old movie trailers and cartoons from the '50s. Another top pick of mine is the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Village Resort that has the best breakfast you'll ever have.

You Need To Conquer Every Mountain
Rachel Chapman

While you're on your Disney vacay, you should absolutely attempt to conquer each of the mountains. (I'm talking about Space, Splash, and Big Thunder, of course.) These are the three most iconic thrill rides out of all the parks, and any adventurer needs to check these off their list.