A young woman in pink sunglasses poses for a selfie on the beach with her dog.
Follow These 14 Dog IG Accounts For Cute Pics & Paw-sitive Vibes

Oleksiy Boyko / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

There's nothing like a video of a corgi dashing through the snow or a picture of a sweet Golden Retriever sitting on the beach. That kind of #content will always make you smile. It'll make you stop scrolling, turn your phone to your bestie, and say, "Look how cute!" Do yourself a favor and check out the very best dog Instagram accounts to follow in 2020.

You won't regret taking a 15-minute break from work or logging onto Instagram in the middle of the day when you see a German Shepherd with massive ears posing for the camera. When you see a poodle in a raincoat or a pug cuddling with its favorite toy, your heart will feel so complete. You'll instantly forget about whatever you may be stressing about, and have something positive to share in your group chats, too.

To be honest, looking at the pics these dogs (Well, their owners.) post will be hard not to share with everyone you know. They're worthy of putting on your Instagram story or sending to your SO so that more people can smile, giggle, and take in the paw-sitive vibes. Here are the 14 accounts you really should have on your radar. Follow them, OK?

Maxine the Fluffy Corgi (@madmax_fluffyroad)

First up is a corgi who is too cute for words: Maxine the Fluffy Corgi. Based in NYC, this pup adventures around Central Park and never fails to bring the fluff to your feed. Give this account a follow for all the snacks, naps, and doggone adorable selfies.

Baboy (@dogwithsign)

In a perfect world, dogs would be able to talk and we'd always know what's on their mind. But for now, you can follow Baboy on Instagram to imagine what a cute pup might be thinking at any given moment. This account gives their dog a sign to hold with phrases like "Stock up on treats," or "Send more dog pics." It's LOL-worthy.

Rae the Golden Retriever (@goldenunicornrae)

What do you get when you combine a Golden Retriever with a unicorn? Rae the Golden Retriever, of course! This pooch is a star with its one ear and cheery smile. The cuteness overload will make your heart soar with every post.

Bread Loaf the Corgi (@breadloafcorgi)

Nobody poses for the camera like Loafie, otherwise known as Bread Loaf the Corgi. This pup knows how to perfectly lounge on the couch and smile wide for the camera. Go give this sweet pup a follow, please!

SIMBA the Goldendoodle (@simba_the_dooodle)

Some pups have a lot of fluff. They make you want to cuddle up on the couch with a good book or watch your favorite summer movies with your own pet. SIMBA the Goldendoodle is one of those pets, with lots of fluff and a picture-perfect smile. (Side note: Simba just turned 10 months old!)

Miss Bella (@puppyinnewyork)

Miss Bella, a paw-fect French bulldog who lives in New York City, is the next dog account you need to follow on Instagram. This pup's face is asking for treats and occasionally teams up with another dog to bring you the best content. If you want to adopt a pup while living in the city, this account will serve as prime inspiration.

Lego the mini bernedood (@seelegogo)

If you have a pup at home, Lego will give you some ideas for content you can create on your own pet's Instagram feed. This pup is a master at making naps look artsy and spring days look sunnier than ever before. You'll find yourself pulling out your own camera so you can capture similar bliss with your pooch.

Kiba the Australian Shepherd (@aussiekiba)

Kiba the Australian Shepherd's feed will satisfy your wanderlust with one scroll. This pup goes on so many adventures around the world, posing next to mountains, in tents, and near salty waves. Sometimes, Kiba lets out a big howl for the camera, too.

Nutmeg the Aussie (@nutmegnyc)

Nutmeg the Aussie is another Australian shepherd you need to follow for all kinds of stunning content. This pup goes on walks around NYC, posing with towering skyscrapers, but is also a pro at lounging. Long story short: Nutmeg knows how to have the best of both worlds. Don't sleep on this account.

sawyer the labradoodle puppy (@sawyertheminidood)

Have you checked out Sawyer the labradoodle puppy on social media yet? If not, what are you waiting for? This pup is based in Los Angeles and will bring so much paw-sitivity to your life. Pardon the pun, but following this account will be a real treat.

Frankie The Aussie (@frankietothemoon)

If you thought that an Australian shepherd couldn't get cuter, think again. Frankie The Aussie is a mini Australian shepherd, which basically means he's a forever pup. Right now, you can catch him posing with sunsets and hanging out in the snow.

T E S S (@tesswhiteshepherd)

Here's the scoop: Tess is a cute white shepherd with a dreamy Instagram feed. This pup knows how to share content on the 'Gram and will make you and your besties say, "Aww!" If you're not already following Tess, be prepared for some big ears and one, happy tongue.

Boone (@lifeofboonie)

Are you into astrology and pups? Head over to Boone's account on Instagram for some cute pics and a Sagittarius soul. There's nothing like a dog adventuring with their mom or going for a ride in the car to brighten up your day. Not to mention, Boone has the prettiest blue eyes.

Mortimer (@mortimerthecorgi)

Last, but certainly not least, is Mortimer. This corgi is #goals with a brightly-colored feed and contagious personality. This pup poses amongst the cherry blossom trees and with hats on. If you need a smile, laugh, or some good vibes, this account is where to go.