Two best friends play with makeup while recording a TikTok video on their phone and laughing.

10 Best TikTok Challenges To Do With Your Friends For A Good Laugh

Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Maybe you've been watching videos of people doing electric dances and pulling fun items out of their refrigerators for a while now, or maybe you just downloaded the trendiest app on the scene, aka, TikTok. Either way, you need to try out the best friend TikTok challenges that are constantly popping up on your feed. They'll treat everyone in your crew to a quality laugh, and make you think, "Why didn't we record these videos sooner?"

Don't fret. It's never too late to join in on the fun, and now is your time to shine. When you have a spare afternoon, just throw on a cute #look or a comfortable pair of sweatpants and pull out your phone. Open your app and search for your friends' accounts or scroll through the most popular videos from the most popular accounts on TikTok. Within a few minutes of lurking on Charli D'Amelio or Keara Wilson's page, you'll have a big list of dances to learn and challenges to share with your friends. Then, you'll likely text some links to your best friends who are always down to give a TikTok challenge a whirl.

Make sure these 10 best friend challenges are on that list, because they'll treat your whole crew to good laughs and great times.

The #SavageDance Challenge

The first challenge you should try is the #savagedance. It may be one of the most popular dances to come out of the TikTok dance. It's fast, fun, and will leave you and your besties feeling like you just did an at-home workout.

The #TreasureChallenge

You treasure your best friends and the relationships you have with them. You don't know what you'd do without their advice or their constant willingness to learn TikTok dances with you. That's why you need to try out the #treasurechallenge. It's a catchy and somewhat easy dance to learn and will make you both feel like a million bucks.

The #IntentionsChallenge

Are you and your best friends diehard fans of Justin Bieber? If so, look no further than the #intentionschallenge. Set to one of the latest hits from Justin Bieber, this challenge is made for BFFs who want nothing but the best for each other and don't mind learning a few dances moves to show their love.

The Opposite Best Friends Check

Do you know what they say about opposites? They attract. In the case of you and your closest best friend, this may be true, as one of you typically wears darker colors while the other is always in lighter ones — and so on. That's where the opposite best friends check comes in. Watch a few to get the gist and then record your own.

The #FridgeChallenge

Put your creativity to the test with the #fridgechallenge. This challenge requires you and your friends to record little clips of you pulling unexpected things out of your individual fridges. The weirder the items are, the better. Once everyone has sent their clip, compile them all together and post it on TikTok with the hashtag.

The #CelebLookAlike Challenge

When it comes to the #celeblookalike challenge, you really just need your best friends to give you their opinion in your group chat. Simply ask, "What celeb do I look like?" Then, create a fun video with their answers and the green screen feature.

The #FashionChallenge

The #fashionchallenge is a sweet way for you and your BFFs to try on different outfits in your closet and put on a cute fashion show for each other. At the cue of an audio clip, this challenge has you try on different types of outfits such as "casual" and "natural." The result is so chic.

The #KUWTK Challenge

True fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan will want to try out the #KUWTK challenge. It challenges you to recreate audio clips from the show, acting as if you're Kim, Kris, or Kourtney. Spoiler alert: It's bound to make you and your crew giggle.

The #SheJuicyChallenge

Add the #shejuicychallenge to your growing list of challenges to try with your BFFs. It's a catchy dance and can be done with two or three people. Tap the duet feature if you want to try it out with the long-distance members of your crew.

The #TempoChallenge

If you're debating whether to spend your afternoon making TikTok videos or doing a workout in your living room, don't. The #tempochallenge will get your heart rate up and treat your crew to a pretty cool challenge. It sees if you can move your feet and arms as quickly as a progressively speedy beat.