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11 Best TikTok Challenges To Try By Yourself, Like Right Now

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TikTok is all about the challenges, and there are plenty of cute ones to try with your friends, family, SO, and roomies. Though, if you're alone, you can still get in on the fun with the best solo TikTok challenges. All you really need for some hilarious and totally impressive videos is just you and your phone, so what are you waiting for?

TikTok's internal editing capabilities and hands-free recording makes it so much easier for you to create your own content. There's no need for rehearsing and getting on the same page with your friends about which challenges to try, either. When you see a trending dance or new TikTok effect you love, get to it right away. You just need to find a sturdy place to prop up your phone with some great lighting.

Trying some solo challenges is also a great way to show off your personality and sense of humor. So, if you're looking for some fun when you're hanging out at home alone, you might as well start TikTok-ing. Start recreating any of these 11 solo TikTok challenges that are trending. Then, when all the likes start rolling in, you know that love is all for your epic content.

The #NosePainting Smiley Face Challenge

While using the #NosePainting effect on TikTok, try drawing a smiley face. The trick is to try to not smudge your lines, and get the eyes and mouth drawn just right. It's a challenge for a reason, and it may take you a few tries before you get it. When you finally do nail it, though, you'll feel so accomplished.

The #Savage Dance Challenge

There are so many dance challenges to try on TikTok. You can even come up with your own choreography for others to try to master. But, to kick things off, check out the ever-so-popular #Savage dance.

The #ToosieSlide Dance Challenge

The latest line dance everyone is doing is the #ToosieSlide. Set to the song "Toosie Slide" by Drake, TikTokers are stepping up to the dance challenge. All you have to do is lift your "right foot up," and then, "left foot slide."

The #FreezeFrame Challenge

You don't need a partner when you have the #FreezeFrame TikTok effect. The Freeze Frame allows you to snap a pic, and use that as a video background. So, a lot of TikTokers have been freeze framing themselves with their hands out, and then going to dance in their hands like a tiny dancer.

The #WhippedCoffee Challenge

Every coffee lover will fall hard for the #WhippedCoffee challenge. You may have seen the Instagram-worthy dalgona coffee pop up on your feed, and instantly drooled. Now it's time you break out the ingredients and try your hand at this tasty treat.

The #Transitions Challenge

A way to make your TikTok videos look even cooler is by adding some transitions. By moving your phone a certain direction or using your hand to block the camera right before you stop recording, you can achieve internal transitions without needing to use editing software.

The #DoItAgain Dance Challenge

You can thank Will Byers — aka, Noah Schnapp — from Stranger Things for this dance challenge that you have to try. It's super cute and simple to learn. Set to the song "Do It Again" by Pia Mia, this dance is catchy and you'll want to do it over and over again.

The #Kardashian Lip Sync Challenge

Finding different sound bites to lip sync to is another fun thing to do on TikTok. Though, the family that has some of the best lip sync challenges are the Kardashians. If you follow E! Entertainment, they post clips from Keeping Up with the Kardashians that you can use the sound from in your own videos.

The #HeyWhat Challenge

If your friends know you're alone, the #HeyWhat challenge can be a super hilarious surprise. The sound clip has a man singing along to the song "Come and Get Your Love" thinking he's alone, but when someone responds, he's shocked.

The #TimeWarp Challenge

Another fun effect to try is #TimeWarp. A lot of TikTok users have been using the Time Warp effect to show them leaving a room when something awkward happens, or just dancing around to it. Show off your sense of humor with how you use the Time Warp.

The #PitchPerfect Challenge

If you're a big fan of the movie Pitch Perfect, you probably already know the choreography for this particular challenge. By setting up their phones and using the self-timer, TikTok users have been acting like they're caught off guard by the Barden Bellas singing, but then, join in and dance along to "I Saw The Sign."

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